November 26th, 2013

eat me

Finger Food!

I'm looking for some crowd pleasing finger food for a family get-together.

I've been asked to do potatoes dauphinoise, so I will, but I'd also like to do something savoury that you can eat fairly easily with your hand.

I'm also maybe doing rolo cookies so really I just need some savoury finger foods!!
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the unThanksgiving

TQC, I'm leaving tomorrow to spend my Thanksgiving time off from work with SO's family in Canada. It's not Thanksgiving there and his mom is seriously ill so they're not going to do anything holidayish. Also they don't have Black Friday. And his mom's house doesn't have internet or cable and neither of us has a data plan in Canada. The kitchen will be off limits for fun cooking projects. How should I amuse myself?

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What types of traditions does your family have for Thanksgiving?
Are holidays in your family a fun, happy event or filled with drama?
What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
Do you have any dishes that are outside the norm of traditional Thanksgiving dishes?
The new mouse in town!

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

TQC, I am in the market for a new wireless keyboard/mouse combo.  I am looking for somewhat affordable but  durable.  Possible a small mouse (My hands are small and the larger mouse tends to cramp my hand after awhile)  No Logitech, please since my last two keyboards have been from that company have suck so badly.  Any suggestions would be awesome.

IDK/DC:  What is your favorite cookie?  
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how many times have you moved in your life?
Are you good at organized packing, or more the 'its in a box, so it's done' type?

my boyfriend and I are moving to a new apt in the same complex and since he's got to work and I don't, I got stuck with all the packing and cleaning. We get the keys on Friday, so I have to find a way to pack around the giant meal I'm planning on making.

and generic packing tips?

Will you come help me clean and pack my house so I will have time to go to the gym?

I just washed a load of clothes without soap. whats the last mildly dumb thing you did?
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Does anyone have any experience with epsom salt baths? What were you taking them for? Did it help? Did you have any bad effects?

I ask because it was recommended to me to start taking them every couple of days, so far I've done it twice, and each time I feel normal while in the bath but once I get out I feel really achy all over for awhile. Obviously I'm going to bring it up to my doctor next week when I see her but was wondering if anyone had any personal stories involving epsom salt baths.

If your above answer is "no", do you take regular baths at all? Do you like anything special in them? Bubbles? Essential oils?

I don't really like baths tbh. If I could tolerate hot water better then maybe they'd be more enjoyable but I usually get cold really fast after the warm water cools and the tub is so uncomfortable.
bad water!


i have a mental illness and i want to ask someone some questions. just vaguely: is there something following me that is making me sick? i know that's a long shot but i want to know. also i want to be able to ask about certain actions i may or may not take in the future, will these actions lead me to peace or not so much.

i don't want to get detailed into it here, but just from what i told you, could you tell me who it is i want to speak to? a psychic, clairvoyant, someone else? (please don't say my doctor, psychiatrist or priest). i know i don't want to see a palm reader, but who should i try to see to get answers to these questions?
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Hey, does anybody have any experience with cats with UTIs? I mainly want to know how long it should take the capsule antibiotics to start having an observable effect. Gambit got diagnosed with a UTI last night and the vet said the antibiotics should show effect "very quickly". He had one dose last night and one this afternoon and still seems just as bad, and maybe a little worse (still making trips to the litter every five minutes but now he's meowing a lot while he's in there). I've got a call in to the vet just to ask, but in the meantime, do any of you know? If by "very quickly" the vet meant "two or three days" instead of "an hour or so after the first pill" then I'll calm down a lot.

(When the other cat, Jubilee, had a UTI, she got a shot of antibiotics and was acting better almost immediately, which is why I'm nervous about Gambit, but it would also make sense that the effects of the shot would be noticeable before the effects of one-a-day pills.)

Slow cooker question

I'm not usually a crock pot user, so I'm asking for some recipe feedback. Let me know if you know of a better place to ask!

So my friend and I are making a Shepherd's Pie (vegan, lentils + veggies instead of meat) for a work potluck. She is making the mashed potatoes and I am making the base and then we're going to put them together at work. We have about 3 hours before the potluck from the time we get in. Would it be best to totally cook each option separately, and then simply reheat them together? Leave them semi-cooked and then put the crock pot on a higher setting for 3 hours so they have time to marinate together? Is there a strategy here or do we wing it and hope for the best?

Dk/dc: Do you use a crock pot, if so what do you like to make?
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Are you ever asked to lie at work? Even little stuff like making false excuses for your boss or pretending to be someone you're not online? Do you think it's appropriate to require an employee to lie? Have you ever been asked to break the law, or had it made clear that your boss would look kindly on you breaking a law?
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When you are supposed to be on bed rest, how good are you at actually doing it?  I suck.  I go stir crazy after less than a day usually.  I'm impressed with myself when I actually just stay in the house and don't go out at all.

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I'm basically an intern in a small office-like setting. I've decided to bring in a little box of cookies for everyone I work with (five people) for the holidays. I've recently found a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe. What other cookies should I make?