November 25th, 2013

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Have you ever 'pulled a sickie' as an adult?

I'm twenty-one and I just told my boss that I won't be coming in today as I am ill... I am actually a little under the weather with a cold and a sore throat, but am in no way ill enough to warrant calling in sick. I feel super guilty, and also irrationally terrified that someone will find out.
I haven't done this before (or at least not at work; I skipped school regularly when I was suffering from severe depression), and I'm sure I won't do this again. I've been having a rough few days as my rabbit recently died, and I'm feeling really down.
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If you were going to a movie that was sold out, how early would you get to the theater to get a good seat? (Really, all I want is an aisle seat that's not in the very front.)

I'm going to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary showing tonight. I was actually incredibly surprised when I found out my local theater is showing it.

Tickets sold out within about two hours of going on sale for the showing I bought. I have never been to an opening night of a show or to a sold out show, so I have no idea when to show up. My boyfriend and I are thinking of getting there 2 hours before it starts, but is that too early?

Edit: Thanks everyone! Currently at the theater, 1.5 hours to go and only two people on line with us. Haha. :)

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I will be going to Boston December 4th so i was wondering....

Do you guys have any recommendations of places to visit? So far i have come up with the Samuel Adams brewery. I am looking for places to eat, clubs,places to shop and fun things to do.

Also i am from Miami Florida and have no experience what so ever with cold weather! What do i wear?!
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What would you do?

Imagine you are dating someone, and the relationship is on the new side (only a few months). This person, for a holiday (birthday/Christmas/etc), buys you two tickets to an event you really want to go to (they aren't into the event like you are, but bought the tickets because you want them and with the intention of going with you). The tickets are also on the expensive side (>$150 each). The event is three months from when you get the tickets.

In the time that passes between you getting the tickets and the event, you decide that you don't want to date this person anymore. What do you do?

Poll #1945079 What do you do?

What do you do?

Break it off when you know you don't want to date, and take someone else
Break it off when you know you don't want to date, and take the ex
Keep dating and go with this person, breaking up afterwards
Other (in comments)
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Christmas is coming and my boyfriend has asked for a beard comb/facial hair care type stuff. Where is a good place to shop for that sort of thing? Preferably offline, and not too expensive (I'm broke as shit!).

DK/DC, what are you getting your S.O. for Christmas?

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What's something you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?

My answer is the House Special Fried Rice at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I could eat it three times a day for the rest of my life. Plus I think it has all the food groups except for fruit so I would probably be relatively healthy, lol.
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First Time Travels!

I will be officially traveling by plane to Boston, Massachusetts in January. I have never traveled alone before, nor have I ever been to the East Coast at all.
I am a California native, so will be buying some much heavier winter gear.

Any advice for a first time traveler?

Edit: Whoops, did not realize someone else was asking for the same place down below!
To add another question in, if you've ever met an internet friend in real life, how did it go?

nail polish!

How often do you do your nails/apply new nail polish? Do you do the whole base coat/top coat thing?

What are some colors/shades you really like? What brands do you like to use?

What color nail polish are you wearing now?

answers in the form of images encouraged ;]