November 24th, 2013


Time for

I need to sign up for health insurance, but have been procrastinating because of the problems with that they have been fixing. I can't wait any longer because I need to see a dentist ASAP.

1. Has anybody used that site to get insurance recently? If so, how was your experience?

2. What kind of papers and information do I need handy to get through it? I really want to get through it smoothly. The news says the site is better in terms of bandwidth, but still undergoing improvements. Is the site working better now?

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Since I don't have a friends list to speak of just yet..

Anyone else has got the problem of when you post a comment, it doesn't show up in the comment list? It's been a couple of days that I have to constantly relog after posting, just to see if my comment has been saved and posted. It's beginning to bug me..

Young adult book series...

Hi peeps, I just finished the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, which is about a young girl and the mysterious young man she loves (and naturally you know that he has a secret! Heh!)

Do you like reading YA? What are you reading now? What should I read next?

(and pssst...there's yalitlovers which could use a little love right now!)
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Why are stereotypes so often right? And why is it such a bad thing to admit that they are? My best friend's mom is black and she always says there is truth to the bad stereotypes about black men. I was honestly shocked to hear someone admit that, most people try to fight against stereotypes.
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ta-da list

It's Sunday night and I'm feeling like I got nothing done. How about you all?

What is one thing you're glad you accomplished this weekend?

Me: I vacuumed most of the house, which really needed to happen.


I've told my long distance boyfriend about things I get Insecure about, mainly because of the long distance, things I know will be remedied when we close the distance. They're silly and insignificant but so are most insecurities, and I truly don't think he minds. I very open with my communication and feel healthy yet vulnerable when telling him.

Mainly, my insecurities come from my current anxiety. I'm moving halfway around the world in 2 weeks to be with him and am naturally a little scared.

I've been reading around the web and all these advice columns are saying its bad to tell your partner your insecurities.

What do you think? Do you share insecurities with your partner? (We have been together for over a year so it's not like we just met and I'm laying this al on him...)

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what's the last small or silly thing that hurt your feelings when it probably shouldn't have?

tonight I walked over to my friend (who is also my neighbor's) place to borrow some quarters for laundry, and I saw that she and one of our close mutual friends were hanging out, watching Dr. Who and eating Chinese food. I had a fleeting moment of "aw, I wish I was invited" :|

Christmas as adults

Inspired partly by my own life and partly by lupinlover's post:

As grown adults, do you still give & receive presents with your parents?

My family is still big into gift giving. My parents give us lots of presents each year (I'm 27 and married, my brother is 29) and I hunt and shop for both of them to try to make sure they get something they really love. Even if we didn't do presents, my parents would probably still send us a check. In addition, my grandma sends checks to us grandkids and also to my mom & her brother. So we have three generations of gift giving going on.

This year, my mother in law said after talking to her sisters, she was no longer going to be giving any Christmas gifts and she requested that we don't buy her anything. Based off of this, I assume her sisters have the same arrangement with their kids. I have absolutely no problem with this, but it's a bit of a bummer to my husband (he likes sending nice things to his mom!) and I thought it was interesting because I always thought most families continued sending presents even as they aged, if they were financially able. (We might still donate to a charity in his mom's name this year and send her a card from that, I think she would like that.)
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Has anyone used a pheromone diffuser to help decrease aggressive behavior in their cats? My boyfriend and I got the spray and it seemed to help, but the spray ran out really fast. We have 3 cats who all kind of wrestle with each other, but our two males get into slapping contests and REALLY don't like each other. It's stressing them both out.

Which brand would you recommend, if you'd recommend any of them? Anything else we should try?