November 22nd, 2013


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Dear TQC,

We need your help again! A couple of years ago I asked you guys to come up with some catchphrases for the quantum research company my husband works for and you did a great job and they loved them!

Lately, they've been focusing on building various kids of sensors. Sure, they still build quantum cryptography boxes and particle accelerator parts, but there's been a lot of work on sensors and measuring:

Everything from seismographs to temperature-related things, and even some work on a device that measures the level of waste in poop tanks in ocean going vessels! And people think quantum physics is all abstract! All kinds of practical applications!

Nerds aren't so good at branding. They brainstormed Nu Sense. At first glace, great: optical symbol, focus on the "new" division and it refers to sensors. But then I pointed out it sounds too much like nuisance!

Ideas for names that stress both the quantum/optical aspect and the sensor/measurement aspect?


Which would you rather have happen?

Which would you rather have happen?

You get a charlie horse
You bump into your ex with their new partner, who's intelligent, very attractive. For you, this so happens to be laundry day, and you're wearing sweats and a ratty t-shirt. You've also been sick, so your face is red and glands bloaty. You look puffy

Which would you rather have happen?

You're running late for work/school. You get into the car, turn on the ignition, and only then do you notice a large spider sitting on the steering wheel
You walk through a spiderweb

Which would you rather have happen?

You're at a pool party. You have on a new swimsuit. You didn't know that once you got it wet, it became see through. No one told you until a half hour after you emerged from the pool
You're at a pool party. You have on a new swimsuit. You have some kind of weird allergic reaction to the material, and repeatedly scratched your crotch, which is irritated. People joke that you have crabs, and it becomes a rumor

Which would you rather have happen?

You're at a county fair. You have to poop. You find a port-a-pottie. You forgot to lock it and the most attractive person you've ever seen opens the door and finds you, with your pants around your ankles
You're at a county fair. You have to poop. After you finish your business, only then do you notice there's no toilet paper, and no more seat covers

Which would you rather have happen?

You're driving at night and go to pick up a friend. You pull over in front of her house, waiting. A stranger climbs into your car once you stop. 'Thanks, I've been hitching for hours and no one's stopped til you came along'
You get a flat tire in the wee hours of the morning in the middle of nowhere. Your spare is missing
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Canadians: what's traditional for your thanksgiving that Americans don't have?
Americans: what's on your menu this year?

Have you ever made t-giving dinner?
It's just me and the boyfriend this year, so my menu is small. What sides should I make? I've already got a giant turkey.

Do you usually have a traditional turkey dinner for t-giving, or something more attuned to your tastes?
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Movie time!

Which is generally more important to you in deciding whether or not to watch a movie: the cast, the title, whatever you know about the plot, or reviews/ratings?

For me the most important things is the available plot information, to the point that I will intentionally seek out spoilers (including waiting until after opening day to go see a movie so I can read the summary on Wikipedia if I'm really curious). I might also read reviews, and I have found that as long as I keep on top of rating things on Netflix, their star rating system is pretty accurate for me. I don't give much importance to the title alone, with the possible exception of the parts of a series (e.g. anything "Lord of the Rings" is highly likely to get my butt in a theater seat). The cast isn't all that important to me either. In the past I have gone to see certain movies based solely on one or two of my favorite actors being in them, but I have really gotten away from that recently. These days I feel like it's a nice bonus if a movie I'm interested also stars an actor or actress I like. This can get really frustrating when I'm living at home with my parents, because they're almost the exact opposite -- they'll watch almost anything with a cast they like, ratings/reviews and plot be damned, and my mother in particular will answer questions like "What movie is this?" and "What's it about?" by...listing off the cast.

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Question for the females here primarily, though all welcome to reply I guess.

What kind of shoes have you or would you wear to an interview?

Assuming it is a career type job interview in an industry where conservative dress is generally the status quo, what do you think is best in terms of heels? I feel like flats are seen as somewhat less professional, but too high heels are also not good? Are certain types of heels more Ok than others?
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What are your thoughts on the Kmart Joe Boxer "controversy"? (Also below the cut.)

In your estimation, does dislike of anything "sexy" equate to being offended by it?

What is your take on holiday traditions?

Do you believe that religious symbols (of any sort) should be allowed on any public property? (Assume that if one is allowed, they all are.)

DK/DC: Will you share your favorite holiday (any holiday) picture? How about your favorite critter?

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Shall I fry some chicken tenderloins or should I do chicken fajitas?

We have the ingredients for both, if I do tenders I will do some onion blossoms on the side, for fajitas Ill probably do chips and salsa/guacamole.

All from scratch.

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What do you do, if anything, when someone who has publicly pledged sobriety for cost & health reasons and not necessarily because they believe that they are alcoholics gets drunk?  Would it bother you if everyone else was all "Its fine!  Hope you had a good time!"?