November 21st, 2013


Lately I have been going on a subsciption binge. I have decided that I have had enough of fighting the mighty paywall system in place at most MSM websites now. I've had a subscription to Macleans's (Canada's newsmagazine) since I was a kid but in the past month I had added a daily paper subsciption to the Globe and Mail (reading a paper newspaper is awesome by the way), the paper Sunday edition of the New York Times, the paper and electronic edition of The Hill Times (the Canadian Parliament newspaper) and a subsciption to the online news service

What subsciptions do you have or had? Were you satisified with the service and the content of the periodical? If not, why?

And just because: Do you have a book on your Want to Have List at the moment?


My laptop has been slowly dying for a while and I don't think she's going to make it much longer. I need help buying a new one. What do you guys suggest?
Spelling Contest

FOR $250,000, would you....?

...have course, unmanagable, Robin Williams-esque hair sprout all over your body?


...send sultry letters and naked photos to 5 prisoners, each locked up for at least 20 years (not accounting for parole or good behavior release)? Maybe they'd forget about you when they got out, maybe they'd be killed in prison, or maybe they'd obsess over you because they had nothing else to keep them going, and find you when they got out. Who knows. Maybe moving would be the answer, but they could hire a detective...

54(59.3%) entered into a beauty pageant/contest. You'd be allowed to enter, despite not looking at all like the other contestants. There would be a swimsuit portion, a dress-up portion, and a talent portion of the contest. You and all the other gorgeous contestants. This will be televised across the planet, and the venue itself holds about 5,000 people. Would you do it?


...catch and return 5 rabid (yes, with rabies) terriers, using only your hands (no implements), wearing only a wife beater and shorts? They're in 5 different places. Just grab the dog, bring it to a car and drive it in. Try not to get bit


...smoke meth 3 times a day (to the point of a high) for a month straight? You can always stop afterwards, if you can


...move at least a 2,000 miles away from where you live now? Most likely, you'll have to make new friends, find a new job, etc. You can't think of returning back to your old stomping grounds for at least 5 years


...legally change your name to Mimi (or Jacques, if you're male), and speak in a French accent for the next 365 days? You cannot tell anyone why you're doing this, no matter how bewildered they are. You simply state that this is how you've always talked, and they're only now noticing your accent, and deny otherwise


(no subject)

How would you describe the shape of these jars? Ideally in one or two words. I'm hoping there's an actual English word - my research skills are failing me. The German word is "sturzform" apparently, if that helps.

lil bunny

Smokers Delight

Dear Question Club,
what is your favorite movie where cigarettes are used and abused to the fullest extent of political incorrectness?
mine is The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp. he looks like he is making passionate luv to each cancer-stick with the devotion of an unyielding lover.

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Any roller derby people here??

Are all clubs different or are the rules general??

Specifically on customizing your helmets....would a crocheted helmet cover in the shape of a Dalek (Doctor Who) be allowed??

Im doing a secret geeky santa and my partner is obsessed with Daleks and her name "Extermiskate", part of the gift needs to be hand made and Im thinking of crocheting a helmet cover?? Any other ideas?

Bug-eyed Earl


My current lease ends on the 30th
My new one starts on the first. I move my crap out on the first right? My gf thinks they'll be upset we are still there on the first.


What are we gonna do, sleep on they lawn with our stuff????

Edit: apparently I should talk to my landlord. I assumed the only logical situation was me moving my stuff on the first. That was a stupid assumption. Edit 2: landlord said I can move out on the first.
i say

(no subject)

The dog just got sprayed by a skunk. My fool mother let her in the house. WHAT DO I DO?

Once I was done dry-heaving, I tried washing the dog down with vinegar/Dawn dish soap (we don't have any hydrogen peroxide), but the house still smells bad enough that I just want to curl up in a ball and maybe throw up.

Will I ever get the stink out of the house? My clothes?

On a scale of 1-COMPLETELY, how stupid is my mother for not trying to clean the dog up before letting her back in the house?

DK/DC: What's the last thing you usually do before going to bed at night?