November 20th, 2013

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Is it possible for somebody to get muscular dystrophy in one limb as an adult and not have it worsen over time?
I met this guy last week with a bad arm, but he was otherwise athletically fit and looked like a sharp person in his early thirties. I'm not sure what his condition was and whether it will eventually spread throughout his body. Does anybody have insight into this?

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What to give?

My husband and I have been invited to the wedding of our coworker (the groom). We don't know the bride.

They have no registry. What should we get them for a gift? Bonus points for creative, reasonably priced, or uncluttered (like tickets to an event vs an object) suggestions. If all else fails, I guess we can give cash (how much would you suggest?).

We don't live in the US, so gift cards aren't an option—they generally don't do that here. They also don't do gift receipts/returns.

If it matters, their wedding is Dec 28. He is American and she is Japanese. Also, the groom is a guy our age (late 20s) who is a humanities teacher at a high school. He enjoys running and writing on his blog, but beyond that I have no idea what kind of things he likes personally. So, I guess I'm hoping for suggestions that any newlywed couple would find helpful or enjoy, or particularly an interracial/intercultural one would.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Travel Question

This is kind of a silly question, but I'm having a problem finding the right terms to use to Google it.

I'm a Canadian citizen, living in Canada. If I fly out of one US city to another US city (BLI to LAS), do I need to bring my passport or will my ID suffice because it's a domestic flight? I have an enhanced driver's license, so I don't need my passport to cross the border, and I would rather not bring it if I won't need it. I'm just not sure if the rules change because I'm Canadian.

DK/DC: What's the next place you're flying to? Why?
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Books for 7 year old girls?

I signed up at work to get some gifts for kids. What books do 7 year old girls read these days? Any really popular series that you guys know about? I think I was into chapter books at that age, but I can't really remember, and haven't been around a 7 year old for a long time.


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What are your favourite online stores?
What's on your wish list?
What are you getting your grandma for Christmas? I have no idea what to get mine!

What did you accomplish today that you're proud of or at the very least happy to have out of the way?
I paid my bills.

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My wife and I are fans of coffee. Sometimes we like to purchase flavored "milks" in lieu of "creamers", such as this one to flavor our coffees with. We've tried that mint chocolate one, we've tried pumpkin spice and others, all with great results.

Heading into the Xmas season, the various brands on the market are rolling out even more seasonal flavors, and my wife has suggested we try something that horrifies me, nog as creamer in coffee.

What say you, TQC? Would you put nog in your coffee as a creamer? Or am I right and this is totally gross?!?!??
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it seems next month I will have to move from my small container ( 6 feet x 8feet) to a 100 man tent and a personal space about what you have during summer camp.
What do I do with all the stuff I have accumulated over the last 4 years?
what do I keep? what do I throw away?

cheesecake drama

I run the birthday club for my small department (less than 10 people). Someone's birthday is tomorrow and I always get a card to pass around for everyone to sign. I also send an email out on what their favorite foods are from a little questionaire I had everyone fill out at the beginning of the year and mention if someone wants to bring something in, they are more than welcome to do so and here is what they said they like.

This time around I thought I would do something a little different. I sent the email out and since this person likes cheesecake so much, I asked if everyone would be willing to donate $1-2 each so I can get a big cheesecake for them and us to share. I did mention it was optional of course, but to let me know either way. Half of the people responded and donated, the other half did not respond and did not donate.

Should I present the gift of cheesecake to this person as if it was from the whole group, or should I attach a little card note saying the cheesecake was from the people that donated?

To all who love to read and/or write.

I have some questions for all those here who love to read and/or write.

1. How often do you read? How many books have you read in the past month? Year? What was the last book you read? Did you like it?
2. If you’re a writer, what do you write? Is it personal or have you published?
3. What do you think is the difference between good writing and bad writing? A good novel and bad novel?
4. What is more important to you, the writing style or the content? Does length matter?
5. What do you think makes the difference in style between a fanfic and a novel?
6. Do you think the author’s age makes a big difference in writing style?
7. Would you rather have a novel with long elaborate lyrical sentences or short to-the-point sentences? Do you like having a great deal of scenery description or would you rather have a lot of dialogue?
8. Do you prefer names that are common (Richard, Michael, Amy), uncommon (Destiny, Skye, River), or sound cool (Jorg, Arista, Royce)?
9. Do you skim or power-read through parts you see as boring until you find something interesting?
10. What do you look for when purchasing books? Do the cover and/or description make the biggest impact? Price? Reviews? If you have an e-reader, does the size of the sample matter? How do you search for books to read?
11. And for the last question, what is your favorite book/series? Why?