November 19th, 2013

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How do you deal with a guy who is always flirting with women and leading them on, and then constantly complains that women are "stalking" him? What kind of personality disorder does this person have? And what if he is constantly asking you to be his girlfriend?

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Doctor Thank-You Gift

TQC, what are your thoughts on thank-yous and gifts for doctors?

I will be having my final appointment with my physical therapist soon, and although of course she was doing the job she was paid to do, I’d like to make a point of showing my appreciation because I'm happy with the outcome of my treatment and all along she has been one of the most professional and effective doctors I’ve ever had.

I figure anything too expensive would be unethical for her to accept (and, uh, not really in my budget anyway), but what about something like a thank-you card and a gift card to Starbucks? Or baked goods that can be shared with everybody in the office? (Since the office staff was always so nice, too). Or just a card?

Or is it most appropriate to just give heartfelt thanks in person before I leave the final appointment?


With whom would you sooner make out? For 1 minute

George W. Bush
A department store Santa
A person who had no teeth. Average looks
A super attractive person with an amazing body with advanced gingivitis
Someone with a bad hairlip

With whom would you rather go down on?

Johnny Depp, after not having bathed for 2 weeks
Jennifer Lawrence, after a large meal of Taco Bell and cabbage
Regis Philbin
Betty White
One of your elementary school teachers. Now

Who would you rather go on a 5 hour road trip with?

Sarah Palin
Your boss, after you made a major blunder on the job
Justin Bieber, who's determined to convince you to become a Belieber
Your ex. The one with whom you have the most baggage
A cat in a cage, who cannot be removed from the cage, and who will be yowling loudly and plaintively the entire trip

You have to travel 10 miles by car. Which of these transport options would you sooner take?

Within the coffin of a hearse. You're locked into the coffin until you arrive at the destination
Packed into a clown car with 7 other people, all dressed as clowns. You have very little room to move, and your face is pressed near 2 other people
Sitting in a chair that's bolted to the roof of a car. There is a seatbelt. The car will take the freeway
Hangglider. You'll be flying with someone who can operate it
On foot, but you'll be the hindquarters in a 2 person horse costume. You have to stay in the costume the entire way, hunched over and unable to see anything

You have to get a henna design on the side of your neck. It'll last only a month, despite attempts to remove it faster. Which of these designs would you rather have inked on your neck? Each design is 6 inches across

The Confederate flag
Your own phone number, along with your name, and the words 'Call me'
Evolution is a lie. Read the Bible
An erect penis. And the attached scrotum
Homosexuality is a choice. Stay away from the sanctity of marriage

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Going by your own personal standards and judgement, which of these would you consider to be MORALLY wrong (regardless of the legality)?

Defrauding insurance companies
Cheating the house at a casino
Doctor telling a patient their situation is better than it actually is
Stealing office supplies from work
Cheating on partner, assuming partner never finds out/has any reason to know and be upset
Prank calling emergency services
Public flogging as punishment for a crime
Counterfeiting lottery tickets
Scalping sports game tickets
Refusing to help take care of ailing aging parent, because you don't like them
Burning the flag of your country
Burning religious texts
Using sexual harassment to get rid of visiting Jehovah's Witnesses
Mugging a mugger
Very small scale shoplifting (ie. stealing candy bar or pack of tic-tacs)
Utilizing the services of prostitutes
Masturbating in a house of worship (assuming no one sees you/is bothered)
Using foul language around children on a regular basis
Stealing a puppy from a pet store (with intention of keeping as pet, not reselling)
Pretending to have a disability to get some kind of benefit (skipping a line, etc)

Fun at workplace

We had an annual general meeting at work, and the big boss said "I can't give you a pay raise  but I can give you a liberty to have more fun at work."
Do you have any fun at your workplace?
What do you do for fun at work?

Thoughts on *********?

What do you think about censorship? When is it okay? When is it not okay? What types of speech do you believe the government SHOULD regulate?

For example, I'm against most forms of government censorship, but I'm generally in favor of self-censorship (people choosing not to use offensive words, knowing when to shut up/not get involved).

[US-centric] How annoyed do you get when people yell "first amendment!" with regards to private venues and/or when others are disagreeing with what they're saying?
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Can you think of examples of things that people are "expected" to do, but you've consciously chosen not to? A few examples in my life are: making my bed, wearing makeup, and washing my car regularly. I don't mean things that you wish you had time to do, and stress about the fact that you don't do them, but things that you've let go and feel fine about it.

Social anxiety whatdooo

For people with social anxiety/phobias: How do you deal with it while traveling? I applied for an internship that would mean traveling across the country alone and as someone who gets shakey just from using the telephone I'm kind of kicking myself for applying.
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celebrity plastic surgery

So I was just looking at yet another gallery of celebrity plastic surgery horror stories. You know, the usual giant balloon lips with no edges, weird tiny noses, permanently surprised eyebrows etc. It got me to wondering: are there any celebs who've had successful plastic surgery that actually looks good?

Attn shoppers of TQC!

My mother needs a new winter coat, and preferably one that will last a while.

I found this one which is more or less exactly what she wants, shearling, boxy cut, single-buttoned.

The only problem is that it's plus size and my mother is, well, tiny.

So, do any of you know where I can find a decent quality coat that looks similar to the one I've linked to available in normal adult size or petit?