November 16th, 2013

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Do you drink alcohol?

If so, are there alcohols you react poorly to? Which? Are there alcohols that you react well to? Which?

If not, did you ever face peer pressure towards drinking?
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How would you prepare for a soiree where you know you're gong to feel a bit out of your element?

My husband and I are invited to a dinner party tonight hosted by a sci-fi/cyber-punk author and screen-writer for a popular mid-90s movie and another sci-fi/cyber punk writer and former editor for a magazine my husband was really into, both of whom my husband really admires. We're really unclear if's just the six of us in an intimate setting or if it's to be more of a party.

I'm mostly stuck on what to bring and what to wear. We usually bring wine or dessert, but... well, I can't take 2-buck chuck to these people's house and I feel weird bringing a dessert (and don't have time to make one any way). I'm also afraid I'm going to be under or over-dressed. I'm even worried about whether I'm going to manage being a good conversationalist. Oy... I've never worried over things like this before.

Any advice from anyone on either side of the table, so to speak?

Christmas Treats

Every year for Christmas for the last few years I've made some sort of food item to give. Last year I made a variety of pinwheel cookies.

I have a list of ideas for this year's present. Which should I make?

Do you make homemade food gifts? What has been your most successful food gift?
What's been your favorite food gift to receive?

Poll #1943681 What food/treat should I Make for Christmas presents?

What food/treat should I Make for Christmas presents? (click as many as you want)

a variety of cookies
flavored popcorn
vanilla extract + some other type of extract
infused sea salt
candied nuts
flavored vinegars
candied pretzels
chocolate bark
gummy candies

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Two guys around my age are moving in next door. I'd like to meet them but they're very busy moving in and I've got my hands full with the kids right now.

I don't bake or cook so what's a good way to introduce myself? I grew up in a place where the neighbours ignored each other and I don't want that! I'd like to be friends, or at least friendly with the people living around me.

Should I make a point to go over to their house and talk to them or wait (for who knows how long) until I happen to bump into them outside sometime?

Other suggestions or stories about meeting your neighbours or your neighbours in general? 

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Have you ever consciously* cheated on someone? Why?

*By which I mean made plans to hook up with someone or having an affair rather than making a drunken mistake at a party or something.

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I recently moved Delaware and have noticed a green traffic sign (in the US the various green and white signs) that says "Welcome to Delmar" (a city on the Delaware Maryland border). I have tried replicating the image to the best of my ability, my question is what is it?!


Nastiest Kid Show Opening

It suddenly occurs to me that James and the Giant Peach (currently on Netflix) has the nastiest and most unpleasant opening scenes of any movie intended for children ever made.

I admit that I haven't seen each and every movie intended for children ever made. Can you think of one with a nastier opening?

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I've been going to the gym more, and I'm at a loss because I don't quite know what to do with my phone (I listen to music on it) while I work out. I obviously need some kind of holster, but it's complicated by the fact that I need to be able to carry my inhaler on the floor with me. Are there any roomy type fitness holder things? You can tell I'm dumb at this by my descriptions.

Do you go to the gym? What is your workout routine?

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Does anyone know of any sites that pair you up with people for letter-writing? My Google-fu sucks. I'm mainly thinking of people in hospitals or one of those programs that pair you up to be e-pals with a student. I've been part of one for the last 4 years but it's just not a great program anymore. I have no problem with having to have a background check.

If you're in a book club: do you always finish books that your book club picks? If you don't, which ones have you abandoned for one reason or another? My group is reading A Thousand Acres this month and I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it. :\