November 14th, 2013

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What should I do?

A very close friend of mine is sick. I've known this woman since I was born and her daughter grew up with me. The woman is my mom's best friend and has been for over thirty years. The daughter also has a one year old son.

I have missed two days of work to stay in and around the hospital with this girl and her son. Not many people have come to support her, she is like a sister to me and I've been helping her any way I can. It looks like her mom is going to be going home, but won't likely be out of the hospital until tomorrow.

Is it ok for me to miss a third day of work to be with my friend or should I go back to work? She wants me to stay because she is alone except for her son, but says she will understand if I can't.
She has also always been there for me and I have more than enough annual leave (though maybe not a happy boss or co-workers).


I've just bought my first home and we've been living here for just over a month. I love the house but it has a lot of work to be done as it's large and 100 years old and shows a lot of cosmetic wear (structurally it's fine but it has some ugly/outdated areas).

The stairs are painted and had a stair runner going down them. The stair runner left a dried patch of glue (I think) on top of the stair where the runner was and then the paint is coming off in random places. Should I try to remove the glue and paint or just paint over the whole thing? The stairs look like they would be really nice where the paint has been rubbed off over the years but it also looks daunting. I just don't want to ruin them even more with whatever I do because I have zero experience in renovations.

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it's that time of year

For the holiday season coming up I want to do something special for the nurses(and the one receptionist) at my doctor's office. I see them about twice a week and although I've only been seeing them for about five months they've already made an impact on my life just by how sincere and compassionate they all are. I've been through many doctors offices in my life and these ladies really are the absolute best so I just want to show my appreciation for them in some way.

I'm already planning on making up some cards for each of them individually but I want to do something else too.

Here's my question: If you work/ed in an office setting what is something you would like someone to bring in for you? Or do you just have any suggestions at all for what I could do? I'm really low on funds so unfortunately it can't be anything extravagant but this means a lot to me so I'm willing to scrimp a little elsewhere to do something.
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I have a digital photo frame that my grandmother gave me in 2008 and I still haven't ever really used it because it drives me nuts to have cords visible on tables or walls. If you have one, where did you put it and did you make any effort to hide the cord? Bonus for pics.

Are you good at home decorating? I feel like I'm terrible mostly because I get paralyzed by indecision. I want to start painting some walls in our house but I just feel so scared of choosing a terrible color. Will you show us pictures of your last home interior project?
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Damn you problematic sports teams!

Can you guys help me figure out something to wear to show my fan-ship of the Chicago Blackhawks, without playing into the problematic icon/cultural appropriation issue?

I bartend, I like hockey, and I'd like to make myself something like this:

to wear when I work during games. Buuuut...wearing "feathers" in my hair doesn't sit right with me. Any ideas?

Alternatively: should I not be worrying about this and just wear a cute feather hair clip?

Are you a fan of a team with a racist name?

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You are suddenly teleported 20 years into the future, where you discover that the future you is leading a life quite different from what you might have imagined. Which of these future you possibilities would surprise you the most?

You are making a living as a moderately successful children's book author
You are finishing up a prison sentence for a drug-related felony
You are working full time as a manager at a Costco store in the US state of Virginia
You live alone, with 6 cats.
You are about to graduate from a seminary school.
You now live and work in Kazakhstan
You've gotten heavily involved in local politics and have recently been elected to a public office
You've become an itinerant vagrant, hitchhiking across the country
You work as a substance addiction counselor in one of the worser neighborhoods of your city/town/area
You have a new spouse, and they hail from Iceland
You are a recipient of food stamps and medicaid, and share your living space with five roommates (not family or SO)
You are extremely physically fit and spent 2-3 hours minimum at the gym every day,
Literally half of your body is now covered in tattoos
You are a chain smoker of cigarettes and cigars
Hunting animals is now your favorite hobby/pastime
You have become a Jehovah's Witness
You work as a drug mule, regularly smuggling illegal substances across international borders
You live in your car by choice, not out of any economic necessity
You are a patient at a long-term psyciatric care facility