November 13th, 2013


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2 questions in one night. Sorry about that. But I did wait the required 5 questions.

Just looking for some reassurance tbh.

I have 3 siblings. Of the 4 of us, only my sister has children (so far). Her daughters are 2 and 1.
When at her house I noticed my eldest niece had a toy that was very similar to one I had (and loved) as a kid. I mentioned this to my sister and she just brushed it off.
After talking to my brothers (who both live in my childhood home), they told me that my sister raided all the toys and kids stuff that was stored in the house when she was pregnant with her oldest, including all the books I collected from when I was a toddler up until my early teens. I had this set of old Disney books that taught kids how to read and I LOVED them and always wanted to keep them for my own kids if I ever had them.

My sister gave them to her 2 year old and they're now RUINED. My nieces have drew all over them, ripped pages out etc (as you would expect a toddler and a baby to do).

What would your reaction to this be? I was really upset and tried to talk to my sister about this and she gave the good old "I have kids, you don't" and "well you should have had kids first" excuses.

Am I over-reacting? Do I have the right to be upset that I have literally NO childhood keepsakes to give to my kids if/when they ever appear? I would have been fine if my sister just kept them and read the books to my nieces, instead of letting them play with them. (and it's not like they don't have plenty of toys anyway)

TL;DR My sister gave all my childhood keepsakes to her babies who then ruined them. Would you be upset?

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For those who live in apartments or who have offices-have you ever had a holiday 'decorate your door' contest?
This is my first holiday in an apartment and we have a contest with the theme 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' but I really don't have the funds. :/

If you have been in such a contest-how did your door fair? What was the theme?

Elevator companion

You're in an elevator in an apartment building. It's an old elevator. There's a man in the elevator with you. Suddenly, the lift stops, and you're trapped between floors. You wait patiently. 5 minutes turns into 10 minutes. The emergency button doesn't seem to be working (or even connected to anything). The man says 'last time this happened, the person was trapped in here for 6 hours before he was rescued'. Uh oh. You introduce yourself to the man. He's around 50. Looks wise, about a 4 out of 10. Now, what would be the creepiest thing he could say/do?

Let's kill some time with singing. 999 bottles of beer on the wall, 999 bottles of beer...
He doesn't say a thing. Just stares in your direction. Doesn't respond to your questions. Just stares
Aren't you pretty cute. We're going to be in here for a while. I think we should get comfortable around each other. Can I sit next to you?
It's been 3 years ago to this date that I died in this building. Once a year I return amongst the living
Say...have you heard of Jehovah? Have you given much thought to the afterlife? I just so happen to have these pamphlets...
'Don't worry, we're safe. I'm always packing heat'. He shows you his gun. 'I believe they stopped the elevator on purpose. Be ready for anything'
Shit shit shit. I was going back to my room to get my insulin. If I go into a diabetic coma, call 911 ASAP
Um...I hate to tell you this, but I really have to use the bathroom. I'll take this corner. Stupid irritable bowel
He seems normal, but has the worst B.O. you've ever smelled on a man. The kind of stench that clings to your clothes. The smell is filling the elevator
Do you need some drugs? I got meth, heroin, crack and coke. You got any money? I'll give you the first taste for free
It's uncanny, but you look a lot like my ex. You could be twins. Hahaha. But you couldn't be, right? Cause my ex is dead. Hahahaha! Man, I hated my ex, and you look like my ex. A lot
I get really panicky in situations like this. Violently so. The longer I'm trapped in a claustrophobic space, the more I lash out
He says the same thing as the previous line, except he adds 'only blowjobs seem to calm me down'
You like dubstep? I hope you do, because I got 18 hours of dubstep on my phone, and I'm going to hit play until we're saved
WE'RE TRAPPED!!! AAAAHHH! So hot...burning up. He then starts to take off all his clothes

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I am trying to incorporate more meatless meals into my recipe rotation to save money. What are your favorite vegetarian recipes that will even make meat lovers (i.e. my husband) go back for more?


Little gestures

If you were having a difficult day or few days, what kind things could people do to help you feel better? Acts, gifts, gestures, whatever :)

ETA: I am realizing this might be very similar to the question about gifts for a road trip, so I will add what is a song that makes you feel fierce and powerful and awesome whenever you hear it?
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So I let myself get talked into cooking thanksgiving dinner for nine people. Fun! I've never cooked any kind of large meal before.

1. How screwed am I?
2. Any helpful tips? So far I've selected all the recipes and made a timeline of when everything needs to be prepped and cooked. Anything else?

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Madeline themed room

I just decided to try to theme my unborn daughter's bedroom at the last possible minute. I am going with the 'Madeline' storybook. Her room is already painted yellow. Help me brainstorm some decorating ideas and/or link me to some places with themed related items for sale? Just a few wall art items would probably suffice.


Dk/DC : Did you babies have themed rooms? Did you ever have a themed room as a child?

Inserts for cards

I take part in a christmas card exchange each year, and am trying to come up with new ideas for something extra I could put in with the card. It has to be something thin enough and flexible so that it won't get broken, and light so I don't have to add extra postage. I've done recipes a couple times, and stickers, and glittery snowflakes. Edit: Cheap is another requirement. I'm looking at 50-80 cards here. Postage alone, especially international, eats up most of the money I can spend on this.