November 12th, 2013


Christmas trees!

Tell me about your Christmas tree preferences, TQC!
Do you put up a Christmas tree?
Do you prefer real or fake?
Which do you actually use?
If you have animals, do they mess with it?
Do you have a decoration theme?
What's your favorite ornament?
Any traditions?

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Will you tell me about your work Christmas/holiday party last year? Was it fun? What was the entertainment?
What was your favourite secret santa or gift exchange present? The worst? (I once got a bacon lollipop...gross)
Anyone else from TQC want in on the TQC Christmas gift exchange? The more the merrier!

Bonus: Do you dress fancy for the holidays or make an effort to look festive for the season? Pictures?

dk/dc: Do you hate Christmas or something?!

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Do you have any irrational superstitions?
Do you regret any of your tattoos or body mods? Are there any you have to keep covered for work or some other reason?

Inspired by the hand of god tattoo I'm getting on my wrist to ward off the evil eye and how my current office manager will not be happy. Our boss doesn't give a shit. I'm leaving at the end of January so it doesn't really matter anyway. I don't have any other tattoos and this is the only one I'm interested in getting. 


you guys remember that neighbor that was chopping *something* upstairs??

well, I ran into her this morning and she asked me;
"do my dogs bark all day and night?"
"well, no, they DO bark but it's not a problem"
"oh ok good"
"OH--I have to know, what is that chopping noise I hear every night??"
*laughs* "Oh my dog has special dog food that I have to chop up for him into smaller pieces!"
"OH my God thank you, it doesn't bother me I just HAD to know!"
*laughs again* "well nice meeting you!"

SO--there you have it! It was dog food! lol.


ok now for a question...
what is ONE thing you had growing up that you really wish you kept?

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My mum's coming to visit for a week and i've bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil for her second to last night. How should I best present the tickets? When she arrives, on the day? (FYI we are staying 2 hours away and travelling to a closer hotel during the day so it may mean we need to leave a little earlier.

What would you do for a million dollars?

For a million dollars, which of these things would you do or endure?

Have Lisa Rinna's old silicone-injected lips. You can't them reduced for the next 5 years
You'll get your million dollars with no penalties. However, the Westboro Baptist Church will received 20 million dollars if you accept this easy money
Select a chihuahua out of a large pen, have the dog cooked up for you, and eat it
Donate one of your kidneys to a serial rapist, to help prolong his life. He's in prison. He's raped some 30 women
Have one of your inicisors replaced with a gold tooth. You have to have it for at least 10 years
Consume only 'hearty' lasagna and pizza, and wash it down with milkshakes. No other foods or drink allowed. For 2 months
Be under house arrest for the next 18 months. You cannot leave your residence
For the next 5 years, anyone you have sex with must wear a horse mask
Dig up a recently buried body and steal the ring she was wearing. Keep it for yourself
Have your eyebrows laser removed
Have sex with either Kanye or Kim Kardashian, and be known worldwide as the one who broke up their marriage. You'll be in tabloids for the next year
Go a supermarket, and put SUGAR FREE labels on 20 cake boxes that aren't. You are then forbidden from having any contact with the store in any form
There's an Olympic-sized pool filled to the top with spiders. Non-poisonous. They're climbing all over each other. You'll have to leap off the high dive and land face-first into them. They're so many of them that it'll stop your momentum
Go to prison for 4 months. You'll be treated like all the other prisoners, and have a cellmate and everything else that may happen in prison. 120 days
Take the purses of 3 little old ladies. You just yoink it and run, and then, dump the contents into the sewer and walk away. It all becomes lost, including their ID, so you can't find them again to make amends

(no subject)

Have you ever been to the cinema to see the same movie more than once?
What did you see? How many times did you see it?

I'm going to see Thor 2 at the cinema tonight for the second time because my friends partner won't go with her.
I know people use to go to the cinema to see the same film more than once a lot more often in the 70s/80s. My dad went to see the first Star Wars film 14 times.

(no subject)

I have to get a gift for a 7-8 year old boy that I know next to nothing about. I only know that he likes to draw, but I got him a little art set already. He doesn't have any gaming systems or anything like that, so video games are out. What kind of stuff do kids that age like?  Do you have any specific recommendations on what I can get him? The budget is about $20. I'd rather not just give him a gift card.

shoe help please?

who likes shopping for shoes?! who wants to find me some boots for work?!

1. must be black
2. must look good with boot-cut dress pants
3. price range $80-160
4, have to be relatively cute
5. heel can't be higher than 2.5 inches

bonus points
1. comfortable
2. on Zappos

1. you get to be the fashion super star of TQC for the rest of today

right now I'm leaning toward these... but I'm not sure...
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I teach low-intermediate ESL students. They are all adults. Last week one of my students asked me why Americans are so racist.

How would you respond if someone (especially a non-native speaker) asked you that question?