November 11th, 2013

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TQC, I will soon be in the market for a new-to-me car. I've never picked a car out myself, and thought I'd seek out your recommendations. What do you drive? Do you like it? What suggestions would you give me, before I start visiting dealerships?

Edit: I'll be going in with a $5k down payment. I'd like to keep it under $15k, but if I find something I love, there is wiggle room. I don't need anything big, and I only drive 250 miles a week, on average.
Happy Little Jesus

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Do you have any active military personnel or veterans in your family? Have you served in a branch of the military? If so, which one? Do you do something to commemorate veteran's day?

If you have served, thank you for serving your country.
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How would you feel if you were 8-9 mo pregnant and were walking around an outdoor market when a vendor selling lotions and soaps asks if you'd like to try a lotion bar, citing the fact that it is great on stretch marks?

How about if someone kept resting their hands on your belly while they were talking to you without asking for permission?

(Sorry, I'm a really grouchy pregnant person lately and everyone is irritating me)

What is the longest amount of time you would have a house guest(s) stay with you?  Do you enjoy playing host?  What is the longest amount of time you would feel comfortable being someone's house guest?

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Imagine you're in a fantastically happy monogamous long-term relationship; your SO is, as far as you're concerned, the one and only for you, and they feel the same way about you. The only fly is the ointment is SO's best friend, who has always been a bit "off" with you; you've never argued, there's no particular reason you can pin down, you just figure they don't like you. Then one day, So's BF takes you aside, asks you to say nothing to your SO, and confesses deep passionate feelings for you; they idolise you and will love you forever.
How would you feel about this revelation? How would you respond?

DK/DC; what are you wearing today?
Santa Pepin!

This or that?

Sponge or dishrag?

Washcloth or bath pouf?

Paper or plastic?

Chucks or Vans?

Cardigan or hoodie?

Roses or tulips?

Halloween or Valentine's Day?

Bacon or lots of bacon?

Has the word "or" turned into a weird meaningless symbol yet?

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Christmas party! TQC, my office are having a Christmas Party (meal + after party) and the dress code is Hollywood/Las Vegas. What does that even mean? Any suggestions for dresses?

Dk/dc- if your work is having a party, what is the theme?
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writing research

for a scene in my NaNoWriMo project, not at all inspired by real life!

After a slap to the face, would a cold wet cloth or ice pack on the face help the redness to fade away faster?

(FYI, the blow will not be hard enough to leave bruising or anything, but the character wants the redness to go away before morning when they have to be seen in public.)

alternate question for fellow NaNo writers: how goes your writing? are you keeping up with word count/behind/ahead? (my answer: i am behind but did finally hit 10K last night)

alternate question for non-Nanos: attempting to google this answer before coming here brought up results of spas advertising a "face-slapping" skin treatment. would you ever try this? (my answer: no way.)
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Picky Eaters

For those of you who cook, how do you deal with picky eaters, especially in your family? Do you ever feel hurt on insulted because they will not eat what you cook?

For those who are picky eaters, how do you deal with meal times in your household?

I love cooking and especially for my family, but it's just depressing half the time when my brother and sister rarely will eat what I make. I get very tired of chicken fingers and plain meat. (They are 16 and 19 for reference.)