November 10th, 2013


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I'm going to New York! Yay!
I have a choice of landing at LaGuardia or JFK (im leaving from JFK). I'm looking to go straight into the city the cheapest and easiest way and thinking about the airport shuttle which is about the same for each, so is there any reason why I should land at one airport over the other?

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You have a colleage that you are forced to spent most of your time around every day. What would annoy/bother you more?

The person constantly talks about how awesome they are, bragging about past accomplishments, talking up their work, talking about how it is better than what other people do etc.
The person constantly puts themself down, talks about how useless they are and how they will surely be fired soon, how what they do is not as good as what you are doing, etc.

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What sort of gift would you give someone who's traveling abroad for an extended amount of time?

Background: my sister is going to Australia on a working holiday visa, up to one year. We don't know where exactly she'll be going or how long she'll be there, but think backpacking across the country. She's going with her boyfriend.

Writing funk

For those of you who are writers,

What do you do to snap out or "cope" with a long term writing funk (like for almost a year you just haven't really had that same inspiration or urge to write creatively?)


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A few people who have lived in the apartment complex that I live in now have told me that the rent goes up during the first of the year, every year, about 10 or so dollars. Is this normal for apartments?

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Hey TQC! It's been a really long time!

My questions for the night are, how many of you even remember me from when I was last on here? (that was, like, 2010 at the latest, as it were)

If not, I would like to know, what is your favorite song from the 1970s? (I'm asking for glorious research purposes)