November 8th, 2013


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Imagine you have lots of qualifications but no job. Do you:
a) Keep looking for jobs which you are perfectly qualified for? Chances of getting a job: very low
b) Look for jobs you are slightly overqualified/wrongly qualified for? Chances of getting a job: low - medium
c) Chose from jobs you are very overqualified for? Chances of getting a job: extremely high

For the purposes of imagining, while you have no job you are able to live with and be fed by someone you get on with. But you probably feel bad about it.

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Other than English, do you you know any other languages? Is English your second language? Do you have more than one native language or are you learning a new language as an adult? How proficient are you with your languages? Are there any languages you'd like to learn but can't or haven't gotten round to yet?

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I am sitting in a school's computer lab catching up on paperwork for my job. There is a class in here with an adult...not sure if he's a teacher or an aid, but he is talking to the students in an volume that is just a bit too loud for the size/capacity of the room. His voice is also annoyingly condescending and annoying.

What is annoying you right now?

Anything going well that you'd like to share with the group?
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people who have sex with men:

do you tend to notice whether or not your partners are circumcised? i don't. i don't know if i don't look or don't register, or if i go to a non thinking place, but i seriously don't notice. even if i've been with them for a while.


Is it normal to have that one friend who always gets what you can't have, things that you've been working for, and you're friends with them, but every time you see them you smile while there's an angry jealousy boiling inside of you?

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What are your SO's (or ex-SO's) cleaning habits like? If you moved in together, did their cleaning habits change? Have you ever dealt with a slobby SO?

inspired by my sister who is visiting her BF for the weekend and said his apartment was something from her nightmares. She's already a very messy person, so for her to say that it must have been pretty horrifying.