November 7th, 2013

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Exchange rates

I live in the UK and often buy things from Japan via or CD Japan. As payment is in yen and my finances are all in pounds sterling, I am obviously having to deal with an exchange rate whenever I buy stuff so my question is this: Would I be better off paying with PayPal, my debit card straight from my bank account, or either of my credit cards?
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Seeing as TQC seems to be my go-to for work and school queries, I need some help with something (again!).

The job I'm at is the first retail job I've had that's owned by a large corporation. Before that, they were all mom and pop businesses without a huge chain of command or strict policies and procedures. I'm having a problem with my store manager right now. From what I've gathered, she's better than most (very flexible with availability changes, last-minute time off, etc - every university student's dream), but this leads to some scheduling problems. The main one being that it changes all the damn time.

My schedule (for this week) has changed four times (so far) this week, and this is not an uncommon occurrence. It's becoming a huge problem as school is starting to wind down (which of course means that schoolwork is starting to wind up), and I schedule my study/schoolwork time in accordance to my schedule. I'm not sure if this is common practice, which is why I'm coming to you. Is this one of those things that I just need to suck up and deal with or is it appropriate to bring it up with the store manager? There's a good chance (like, almost 100%) she'll acknowledge my problem, but keep changing the schedule every second day. What are my options in that case?

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What is your philosophy?

live like there is no tomorrow
love like there is no tomorrow
spend like there is no tomorrow
work like there is no tomorrow
drive like there is no tomorrow
twitter like there is no tomorrow
do laundry like there is no tomorrow
travel like there is no tomorrow
dress like there is no tomorrow
sleep like there is no tomorrow
flirt like there is no tomorrow
eat like there is no tomorrow
drink like there is no tomorrow
fight like there is no tomorrow
edit like there is no tomorrow
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Halloween Leftovers

I have a bunch of black licorice laces left over from my Halloween cupcake decorating. Anyone know some recipes that I could use them with? Serious and non serious answers welcome.

dn/dc: Who is your favorite stand-up comedian?
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(no subject)

A couple of guys are coming over to help with our bathroom renovations, so I'm cooking them a steak dinner as a thank you. What should I have has a side(s)?

I have red potatoes, broccoli, various rice sides and will be going to the grocery store anyway.
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Have you ever gambled before? Not counting state lotteries, scratch-offs, Keno, etc.

If yes, what (e.g. card games, slots, sports, etc.) and how (e.g. casino, online)? And how often would you say you do it?

If no, why not? Is it something you think you'll ever try?

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How do you define your cultural identity? If your cultural identity is something other than just the country you live in, what's your connection to the country (or countries) or culture/s with which you identify? Were you born there, do you speak the language, have you lived there, visited, do you have living family members there, were your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents from there? Is there a community of people who share your cultural identity and of which you are an active member?

(My answer in comments)

dk/dc; what's your current ear-worm?

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I own my own house in a small oil town where housing is extremely tight. Typical rooms rent for 850-1000 bucks. I rent rooms out for 700 because I don't like to gauge people for rent. My bf moved in with me and I also got a random roommate who works every single day at 6am. He has been here for 5 months and we have not done any partying or had anyone over to respect his sleeping. Tomorrow night I want to have a gathering for my boyfriend's birthday. I typically hear my roommate up and about until around 10-1030 at night, even though he's in his room in his bed. I texted him asking if it was OK if we had a gathering tomorrow night and I would kick everyone out at 11pm max and we would go to the bar. He says he goes to bed at 930 but was OK with the gathering. I told him there will probably be loud music playing until 11. 5 mins later roommate texts me and says he will just drive to his gf's house 2 hours away (he has to be back in town here for 6am Sat morning meaning he will have to get up at like 3am to get ready to leave). I tell roommate that I will decrease his December rent from 700 to 600 to make up for his inconvenience.

Should I have handled this better? Not have had the gathering here at all? Am I being horribly rude? I feel so terrible.

Edit to add: thanks for your feedback! I am giving him a break for December's rent and I am not going back on it, if that's too nice then I have accomplished what I wanted. I told him when he moved in there wouldn't be any partying except the occasional friends coming over for a drink or two. This will be a loud party and my sound system is directly below his room and earplugs would never ever drown it out. He knows it's not a permanent change and I can afford the $100 loss. As it is the boys pay my mortgage entirely so I will be ok. Thanks everyone!

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Has anybody had a short job interview and gotten the job?

I went to an interview the the other day and it was pretty short which I always took as a bad sign. She only asked me a few questions and I didn't say anything glaringly wrong/put my foot in my mouth or anything-I know that doesn't mean that I didn't make the impression she was looking for, just putting it out there. I REALLY need a job :(
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The Indignity of It All

Do you get embarrassed by things others aren't bothered by?

Yesterday, I drank a bottle of wine and proceeded to drunkenly write/post a fanfic. I woke up weirdly embarrassed, despite being well aware that no one I know shall know that I've gone and written fanfiction.