November 6th, 2013


What's your favorite season and why?

For me it's the summer months because that's when I can go on vacation and swim in lakes. Plus I hate the lack of sunshine for months at a time, it brings me down.
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So, let's say you wake up one day with your head inside something that you think might be the cleanest toilet you've seen since the day your parents divorced and you had to spend the day cleaning the bathroom while the two of them took turns exchanging a combination of rage sex and paperwork. Upon closer inspection, however, you become immediately aware that you are actually inside of some kind of head-scanny-thingy and there are a number of voices whispering to you in a combination of sounds that you do not recognize. You try to make out something of a word you might know, but you're just left hearing things like "C'thit alei ynm" and you aren't even sure how to begin to actually spell those.

After a while, a door behind you opens and a person inside a yellow biohazard-esque suit grabs you by your hair (if you don't have hair, just pretend you do, or that they magically grabbed phantom hair) and lifts you out of the device, yelling at you as you are taken into another room. The other room is dark, and smells faintly like s'mores and bananas. Inside the room, the man with the biohazard suits takes off his mask to reveal that he is an alien, and after much study has decided that he wants you to be his herald for his upcoming destruction of the planet Earth. You will live forever, and you will serve in this function for all time, for each planet. You will warn them of their destruction, of their death, and you will watch as the planets all die.

Do you:

1- Accept your job as The Silver Surfer, knowing that everyone you love will die horrendously and you'll be completely alone for all time except for being the creepy lover of a guy with a latex fetish?
2- Wonder why you got abducted by aliens, since you don't live in the rural Midwest United States?
3- Decline, because you're the protagonist of this game and you don't get the cool jobs?
4- Have a pokemon battle?
5- Go back to bed because clearly you're still high?
6- Change the channel because you already saw this episode?
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My current dental insurance does not cover orthodontics.

Does anyone have any experience in separate insurance that I can pay for so that I can have some orthodontic coverage? I am in need of braces but there is no way I can pay out of pocket.

ETA: I am located in the United States.
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You have just exited a store and are in your car in the parking lot, alone. It's just after 11am. A boy, about 15, approaches your car and calls out to you. You roll down the window and he says "This is going to sound really weird, but can you give me a ride to high school? I've been walking for 4 miles." You ask where his parents are, and he says they told him he had to walk. His school is about a mile and a half away and you don't have anywhere you need to be. He's dressed appropriately for the temperature but it's raining and he doesn't have an umbrella, just a hood.

Do you give him a ride?

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I moved out of my parents house to live in an appartment in the big city with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago - long overdue, because my father and I don't get along. My parents are coming to visit for the first time on friday and I don't know what to do for dinner, so please help? Consider my boyfriend and I are vegetarians and my father dislikes anything more exotic than meat and potatoes, so to speak. My mom is okay with everything.

Option A: Restaurant (a really great bistro near where we live). Dad doesn't like to go out to eat. I don't like being in public with him because he is an embarrassing, annoying alcoholic.

Option B: Boyfriend cooks, but all he ever really makes are things dad wouldn't like either (curries, stir-fries, etc.). He really wants to do it though and he has the time.

Option C: I cook something no one would love but everyone could live with, like a simple pasta. I won't have much time/won't feel like cooking after working all day.

Option D: Mom cooks something everyone could live with at home and brings it, but I really don't like that idea.

Other options? What should I do? Can you think of a recipe that would suit both vegetarians and meat-loving 'traditional' eaters? I know I'm making way too big a deal of this, btw.
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wtf dish detergent

I needed a new box of dish detergent and my store was out of the stuff I normally use so I just got plain Cascade.  I have used it on several loads of dishes now and it left an awful powdery film all over certain dishes!  I have to hand wash them and scrub pretty hard to remove it all.  What gives?  Anyone else have this problem?

Also, what should I do with it?  I can't use it but don't want to throw it all away.

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My dad gave me $200 and told me to treat myself to something nice. I'm currently interning and making only a very small amount of money. My realistic side is telling me I should put the money in my account and use it to help pay my bills. I do have enough money to cover the bills without it, but that just seems responsible. But my dad did say he wanted me to treat myself.

What would TQC do?

If you could buy anything, with no regard to money, what would it be?
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Social Anxiety Sucks

A guy I work with asked me out. I went out with him twice and he's a nice guy. The problem? He kind of left the ball in my court and I have social anxiety disorder. I wrestled with my anxiety for over a week now, trying to get the nerve up to ask him if he would like to go out again - it only got worse when another co-worker approached me and said the guy told her he 'didn't know what had gone wrong or why I was ignoring him now'. I have a feeling if I approach the guy he probably would go out with me again, though who knows what he'll think about my sanity.

I'm not even sure if I want to date this guy long term, I just think he's nice. But him being upset and others discussing it at work has put a lot of pressure on the situation and I feel guilty for sort of leaving him hanging, I'll feel worse if I ask him and THEN it doesn't work out. So should I ask this guy out again? Or should I just forget it and let the opportunity pass and leave him alone because I'm not sure if I want a long term relationship with him anyway?

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So, I have a question for anyone living in Western New York. According to a twit on Facebook, most gas stations are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. She later clarified that she was talking about WNY. Personally, to me, that seems extremely stupid, especially on a day when most people are going to be traveling to visit family and friends. So, my question is, are most gas stations in WNY closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or is she just full of it?

Bonus question: does anyone have any favorite foods and recipes for Thanksgiving? :D
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