November 5th, 2013

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Has anyone "gone back to school"? What was your experience as being a grownup amongst young'uns?

I have a BA, but am thinking of going back to get an accountancy degree, because I'm tired of not making money. My gen-eds will transfer, right? I'll just have to take all the business and accounting classes?
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I start my new job tomorrow. Yay! I am nervous as heck.

I've been working in call centers for 5 years ( Good thing I got that Master's degree). They were generally laid back to a point. Jeans, cells phones, playing on facebook was all ok. I feel completely unprepared to work in an office. I have to wear nice clothes, had to wear a stud rather then a ring in my nose.

Any advice (srs and non srs) about how to behave in a nice office? I figure I will pick up on things as I go on, but I'm worried I'm going to do a huge no no and welp, no job. I figure no cell phone ( I text a lot), stay off facebook, don't light any fires...

Are shirts without buttons ok to wear? Such as loose sweaters, plain shirts?

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My friends and I are having a Doctor Who party for the 50th anniversary. What kinds of snack and decorations would you recommend? We are definitely making fish fingers and custard and wearing bow ties. What else are we missing?


Wanna play Marry, Kill, Fuck?

1. Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Wolverine
2. Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone
3. Daniel Craig as Bond, Sean Connery as Bond, Pierce Brosnon as Bond
4. Justin Bieber, Steve Buscemi, Chris Brown
5. Daphne, Velma, Fred
6. Princess Leia, Arwen, Lara Croft
7. Ryan Gosling 50 pounds heavier, Johnny Depp in 10 years, Hugh Jackman from the first 5 minutes of Les Mis
8. Malificent, Captain Hook, Gaston
9. Tom Cruise, Pauly D (Jersey Shore), Kanye West
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If you live in the US, did you vote today or do you plan to?  What all was on the ballot?  Ours was a bunch of mostly boring administrative stuff but it was actually a welcome break from all the ridiculously politically charged proposals.

Do you prefer to sell your used but unneeded/unwanted items or donate them?  If you donate, where do you donate to?

I was notified that I won a door prize at a mothering/baby store last weekend (a baby lovey thing).  The store is about 35 minutes from my home and I have no need of this particular door prize (I signed up hoping to win one of the bigger ticket items) as I'm on my second kiddo and already have all the toys / loveys a kid could ever want.  I called them to let them know that I was declining to pick up the prize and that they should re-draw someone else so that the item could get some use and the girl acted like I was being rude or something.  Maybe it was ungrateful?
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what are your thoughts on gypsies/gypsy living in the United States?

things they abide are:

1. average marriage age is 14, 15, 16.
2. no kissing, or hugging or even talking to boys until they're married
3. very revealing clothing to attract the men at parties for courting (only chance to reel men in)
4. expensive extravagant dresses for birthdays/weddings
5. women are encouraged to not ever work in a day in their life

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Winter vacation destinations?

My dad and I were talking about taking a vacation the week before Christmas. (My mom hates to travel and I like free trips!) What are some good winter destinations? We are not big downhill skiiers, but like hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country, etc. Cities are also good - I just went to DC, NYC and Philadelphia so I don't need to go there again. We sometimes go to Nashville to visit family, but we will probably do that next year. We live in Portland, OR.

Ideas? Are you taking any winter vacations, TQC?

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Where can I buy high quality fencing socks (online preferred)? I would like them to at least come in fun colors. Normally I would just ask the fencer in my life, but as these are a gift for him I am a little lost.

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What's the most calming song you know?

I've got finals at the moment, and since most of them are oral I'm spending a lot of time, alone, waiting outside rooms for my turn. I've been listening to L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N a lot, and I would like to supplement it with something else to ease my nerves!
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Etiquette Question

You're over visiting someone's house.  It is not during any particular meal-time.  The host asks you if you'd like anything to eat or drink and you tell them "no, thank you, I've eaten".  A few minutes later, they come out of the kitchen with a pre-packaged ice cream cookie that they have opened and cut into slices (relevant only because the item will melt quickly and now can't be put back) and hand it to you on a plate.  You don't even like this food item and you really aren't hungry at all.

What is the proper thing to do in this situation?

xbox game

Just got Lego Marvel Super Heros and can't figure out how to been Loki, anyone know or have a suggestion somewhere I can look? I've never computered for game tips before.
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Anyone else use Yahoo mail? For a little while it looked upgraded with nice backgrounds and stuff and now it's back to the boring old version. Anyone know what happened or if you can switch back? The Themes menu doesn't do it, just switches the ugly old themes.
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There's a weird epidemic where I live of people breaking traffic rules to be nice. Like you're at a stop sign and the person coming with cross traffic doesn't have a stop sign, but they stop anyway and motion for you to go. And it's not even like there's anyone behind them and they're doing you a favor in heavy traffic. You could have gone as soon as they passed.

This is so weird. Why are they doing this? How can I properly convey "Thanks for the offer, but follow traffic laws like a normal human please" from my car?