November 4th, 2013

Favorite Holiday Dish

It's that time of year with the holidays close on us. What is your favorite dish that's typically served on holiday?

Mine is sweet potato casserole. It's baked sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, heavenly.

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TQC, what should I do with leftover pumpkin puree? I used a tiny bit of it to make pumpkin pie french toast, and now I have like 15 ounces of the stuff. I'm not a big fan of pie and already made pumpkin cheesecake this season, and my husband has severe nut allergies. Other than that we've got a pretty well-stocked kitchen and some free time. What should I make?
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Gift ideas from Lebanon to give a guy in Egypt?

(I'm struggling here because they are similar-ish enough that I can't find something that stands out as a present idea.)

Better question: If you are a habitual shisha user/own a shisha pipe already, do you want another shisha pipe as a gift (maybe one that says "I Love Lebanon" or is this just too tacky)?
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Super powers

You find out you have the power to turn invisible for 24 hours. Not in a row. You can turn it on and off, but you have 24 hours worth of invisilibity power. However, in order to activate your power, you have to eat a live spider first, and this explains why you never knew you had this power. Would you activate your invisiblity power, and if so, how many spiders do you think you'd eat in the course of a year?

Yes. 1-5 spiders
Yes. 6-10 spider
Yes. 11-20 spiders
Yes. More than 20 spiders
I would never activate this power. Gross

You find out you have the power to teleport. Any distance. Each trip is a single usage, and once you activate your powers, you get 20 uses. The only way to activate your power is by having a threesome. Sex with two other people simutaneously. Things to consider are the monogamy of the relationship you're in now, if you're single is it hard enough to get one person to eff you, let alone 2, and the difficulty in setting up a threesome. Considering your own love life and the way it stands, how many teleportation trips you'd make in one year?

More than 60

You find out you have the ability to heal people completely. Any disease, any wound, any affliction. In order to get 20 charges/uses, you have to activate your power. To activate your power involves taking one life. It has to be mammal. It can be a person/animal that's dying or elderly. You simply utter the words 'die' and that life is extinguished the next day, so you don't have to personally kill it. Each time a life is removed as such, you get 20 charges, to heal fully 20 people/animals. How many times a year do you think you'd use this power?

More than 60

You find out that you have the power of super strength and toughness. You can lift 100x what you can lift now, and are 100x more impervious to damage than you are now. But, like the other powers, there's an activation cost. You must smoke enough meth to get wasted. After the effects wear off, you'll have super strength and toughness for exactly 1 week. How many times a year do you think you'd do meth?

52 times
1-5 times
6-10 times

You find out you have the power to stop time for 5 minutes at a time. Like the other powers, there's an activation cost. In order to stop time, you must consume 5,000 calories that day (up to that point). The calories don't get burned off from using the power, they just behave like normal calories, so probably turned into fat. How many times a year do you think you'd stop time?

More than 20


what do you hope to achieve/accomplish this week?

Anyone have pros & cons to living in seattle?

bonus if residents can give advice to someone who may (or may not) be thinking of moving.
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Amazon Free Shipping vs Amazon Prime

Amazon recently changed their free shipping requirements, increasing them from $25 to $35. It also appears that there are fewer items that qualify than in the past. I haven't had too much problem meeting the $25 minimum, but if they keep cutting back on items or making other items qualify only as 'add ons' then this may become impractical.

Amazon Prime runs $79/yr and has free 2-day shipping. (It also has free streaming of videos, which I might use occasionally). I don't care as much about the 2-day delivery as I do about not paying a lot of shipping costs.

I'm guessing I order from Amazon at least once a month. Should I go with Amazon Prime or keep cobbling together a required minimum order to qualify for free shipping?

DK/DC - bagel or muffin?
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This might be a very dumb question..I'm ok with this.

I am originally from a small city. We do not have trains in the city area. I moved to a place with Ctrains (basically subways but above ground). And sometimes you have to cross the tracks.

Now, sometimes you will get a green light and then the train lights will start flashing and the arms will go now. My reaction is to sit my ass right there even through it's a green light, mostly because OMG HUGE TRAIN I HAVE AN ELANTRA OMG. But other people just go through until the arms get so low they would hit a car.

Am I being too cautious? Are they not cautious enough?
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my friend's hosting a birthday party that has the dress up theme of 'occupations'. what's something unique and simple to do? i can only think of generic ones like nurse, teacher, police officer, etc. and i really want to avoid those.

Do you have a garbage disposal? Do you use it? Anything I should know about using one? My apartment has one but I've not used it yet for fear of tearing it up or something.