November 3rd, 2013


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Just to get an international perspective on this...I started skating with a US roller derby league. They expect x amount of 'service credits' (i.e. volunteer hours) a month. The events at which one can obtain said credits are always on weekends and spots get full quickly.
Has anyone else ever heard of leagues doing this?
My UK league was grateful if you had the time to help out but didn't demand this kind of commitment.

Also, i'm probably going to be heading to a gig on my own tomorrow night. Any tips for having as much fun as possible?
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Where's the best place to buy plastic storage/Sterilite tubs? I always go to Target but the one near my house is on the small side and doesn't have the best selection. Wondering if there's somewhere I'm not thinking of...Home Depot came to mind because of Walt sending Jesse somewhere like there for their plastic tubs in season one but not sure it is worth checking.

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What are you waiting for, TCQ?

I'm waiting for a professor to respond to my email about waiving the prerequisites for her class. It has been about a week and I'm starting to get nervous she won't get back to me!
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Why does my cat keep trying to escape into the bowels of my house?

In the basement in the closet were the washer is, there's a space which (I assume) gives access to the bones of my house. My cat is obsessed with getting in there. He can't even see it when the door is closed, and mews at it.

Srs and non srs answers.

Christmas tree questions! Because apparently it's not too early.

Do you put up a Christmas tree?

Real or fake? Why?

Would you describe your tree-trimming modus for me? (Do you do themes? Colours? Just throw stuff on at random?)

Where do you stand on tinsel? What about popcorn garlands? Paper chains?

Star, angel, or other?

When is the absolute earliest you will put up your tree? What is the latest you leave it up?

Too soon?

(Mine in comments.)
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silver bells

I made the mistake of running a quick errand at Kohl's this afternoon and it was there that I heard my first Christmas carol of the season.

How early is too early for the Christmas muzak, TQC?