October 29th, 2013


Waitress poll

You're at a nice restaurant and you're having a little problem with your waitress. Which of these things would make you penalize her, either in lowering her tip or complaining to the manager? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you'd just brush it off and tip her the requisite amount. I know some of you live in countries where tipping just isn't done. Just assume that you're in America, and know that waitstaff depend on that tip as part of their wages

She's not looking in your direction much. Instead, she's hanging around this other couple's table. You still haven't seen a menu
Waitress spills a glass of water on your lap. Gives you towels and apologies, but you're still soaked
She got your order wrong. Like, entirely wrong. But fixed it when you pointed it out. However, you had to wait another 15 minutes
She didn't get your order right. The specifics you wanted, like certain ingredients removed or choice of sides were entirely ignored
You really think the waitress was flirting with your date/significant other
Waitress didn't smile, didn't greet you, and turned and walked away immediately after getting your order. Just lacking in general niceness
Waitress is too chatty. Even after the order is taken, hangs around making small talk. Comes back later while you're eating to talk, interrupting your meal
You find a long hair in your food that matches the waitresses' locks
Maybe it's just you, but you really feel the waitress is hitting on you. Lots of lingering eye contact and smiles, and she finds any reason to touch you
Forgot your drink and twice you had to remind her
Your waitress didn't drop by during the meal to check on refills. You had to wave at her to get her attention
She mumbles the specials and she smells a little bit like pot. She suspect she's high
She has tattoos on her knuckles. FUCK, and YOU! There are kids in this restaurant
Waitress smells bad. You suspect she's having female issues. Whenever she's near you, you get a strong whiff
The coffee/tea you ordered was tepid on delivery. When you mention it to her, she brings you back another cup. It's mildly warmer but still not hot

About bloggers' psychological state

In my search for new LJ friends, I noticed that many people regularly in their journals about their depression, sorrows, sad thoughts, other doom and gloom. So far, I hasn't been able to find any upbeat and optimistic journal, so I got a suspicion that upbeat and optimistic people don't bother to have online journals, or maybe, they use journals to dump their negative feelings but in real life they are energetic bunnies.:) I need your opinion, dear members of this community.

Poll #1941044 Mental State

Are you generally a happy person?

No, I'm always depressed
No. I'm depressed most of the time.
Yes, I have a sunny disposition most of the time.

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1. Is there any way to find out what titles were added to Netflix Instant in the past week or past month? Their What's New and Recently Added lists cover months and months and months of "new" stuff, and it is a pain to wade through all of that to find the actually new choices.

2. If you buy ground coffee in the vacuum packed "brick" form, how do you store the coffee after you've opened it?


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I have my settings on FB set to where I don't want to see anyone's likes or comments on my newfeed. I remember going to each person's profile and having a 'settings' option, which I don't see anymore and now I'm seeing all these comments and likes on my newsfeed. Does anyone know where I can change that? I thought about unclicking the 'following' button for someone (just as a test), but then I couldn't see anything she posted. Help?

Unrelated: are you getting a flu shot this year? Do you always? Never?
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A product is tested as being extremely unsafe for consumption by a reputable university. Hysteria ensues within the media/public. A few weeks later, the company that produces the product releases recent tests done by an independent, albeit FDA- approved laboratory that refutes the university's study and shows its product is actually safe.

Who do you believe?
Can the company get in deep legal trouble for releasing a falsified study related to human safety?
Jasper glasses
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(no subject)

Any experiences with Indiegogo?

My team and I were considering using Kickstarter to keep my IT startup running until the service is launched and turning a profit through ads (I've been funding it out of pocket / from savings) but since we're related to social media they wouldn't allow it even though we're not a social media network ourselves, I contacted them for clarification before posting anything. Igg makes no such exclusion though.

I already found and contributed to some really interesting things there but they seem a lot smaller than Kickstarter so I guess we'll have to work a lot harder to promote. Probably going to do it though.

Any other startup stories?

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My fiance and I are planning on getting a kitten.
Should I get one, or do they prefer to have a playmate?

They will be indoor cats since we live in a flat. My fiance and I both work so they would be left alone between 6.30am-2pm 3 days a week.
Will 2 kittens be too much hard work? Or would be horrible to leave a kitten on her own for 8 hours a day?

Also any tips/advice about training/bringing up kittens would be appreciated. I've had a kitten before but I was 6 years old so my parents did a lot of the work. And that cat is (still going strong at 19 years old now) an outdoor cat so any advice on keeping kitties entertained?

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Does anyone here work for Sephora or know anything about their return policy?

I recently bought a gift set there (it is Benefit brand and contains a cheek stain, a powder, a highlight cream and a lip gloss) and it gave me a huge rash. I don't have super sensitive skin & I have used benefit before but I guess this one just doesn't work. I want to return it because it was expensive but it is used (only twice). Will they take it back?

I ASKED for a sample but the girl was pretty useless.
The Sephora is a new location and the staff sucks. Make up is one of my favourite things and I am a pretty decent Sephora customer but lately I have been so unimpressed that I switched back to MAC simply because I like the customer service better.

dk/dc: Dark or milk chocolate?
HS - Jade and Bec

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Are you planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)?

If yes, what are you writing about?

If no, would you rather have the ability to fly, read minds, or talk to animals? Why?

Mortgage loans

Does anyone know the pros and cons between an FHA and conventional loans?

One lender says we will only qualify for an FHA, which means less down payment, but a monthly PMI insurance that can run us $400/month. Another lender offered us a conventional loan, but they want a huge down payment. The FHA monthly mortgage would be $2900, while conventional is $2550.

Am I missing something here?