October 28th, 2013

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it's that time of year....

who's doing NaNoWriMo this year?

how many years have you been doing it?

tell us about your plot idea?

don't care/not doing Nano: what are you reading this week?

my answers:
yes, i'm doing Nano.

and this is my very first year.

since fanfic is allowed by Nano rules, i'm doing a seaQuest fic. (for those out there who may remember the show)
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i'm the proud owner of a full-body red denim jumpsuit. i really want to incorporate it into a halloween costume, but i'm not sure what--ideas so far are britney spears in "oops i did it again," or a tampon. tell me, what should i be? (red jumpsuit apparatus puns need not apply.)
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Does anyone know of a space heater that you can program to turn on? I can only seem to find ones that have at timer for when they will shut off. I'm looking for one that I could program to turn on an hour before I wake up, or before I get home, etc. Does such a space heater exist?
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Is a gift card to the movies an acceptable birthday gift for a 9 year old boy?


Our neighbor invited us to a joint birthday party for both her sons and I have only ever spent time with the one my son's age (3) so I feel a little lost on what to get/spend on a gift for the older one. If they were separate parties, we would never have been invited to the older boy's deal.

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if you are in a relationship, how long have you been together? do you want to get engaged? who will pop the question?
if you are already engaged/married, how did it happen?

do you get enough sleep?

what's your favourite ride at disneyland?

how often do you wash your hands?

when was the last time you tipped a lot and where was it?

what's for dinner?
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Beauty/fashion/makeup and hair lovers of TQC, help me with some beauty tips please.

I'm trying to learn how to apply eyeliner (both in the sense of learning how to do it without making a mess and learning how to do it so it looks good on me). Right now I have a black eyeliner that I like, but it's a bit much for everyday wear. I want to get a less intense color to wear on a more regular, everyday basis with more natural-looking makeup. I have brown hair and eyes, and pale skin. Would some shade of brown work? Or grey? Something else? Does it depend more on what matches the rest of my makeup?

Also, my hair. It's long, kind of on the thick side, and has a bit of natural curl to it...and it's impossible for me to do anything with it. I can't even get it to hold a curl with a curling iron (but I can straighten it). Usually if I do manage to curl it at all, any attempt at brushing or combing it to make it look more presentable results in my hair looking like a frizzy mess and/or in losing all of the curl. Any ideas on how to make difficult hair hold a curl or wave without getting a perm? My hair is pretty healthy and perms are expensive, so I would rather not get into perming my hair if possible.
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What are some of your favorite ways to relax?

What are some of your best cures for a headache?

When you feel sick, what do you do to help make yourself feel better outside of taking medicine?
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What do you do? - coping with drama and politics

I've been part of a local sports community for a number of years. I used to love it, but over the past year or so I find myself disliking it because of some of the people. There's so much drama and politics, that they make the sport more frustrating than enjoyable. People put each other down behind their backs, spread rumors.. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. I know drama and politics are part of every community, and I try to stay neutral because I don't want it affecting my enjoyment of the sport. I could leave that community for a while and join a different one, or just keep going and being frustrated by it. I don't want to get burnt out though, and I feel like I might be heading that way due to the drama.

 What do you all do to cope with drama and politics?


I am looking for Christmas presents (it's nearly November, that makes it ok!) and am thinking along the board/card game lines for my family. We have a lot of games, but mostly play Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Bananagrams. I think I will get the Settlers 5/6 player expansion pack for a joint family present.

Any other recommendations? I've looked on Amazon but it's nice to get personal tips. I've got two sisters, a brother and parents to buy for, also one sister's birthday and my dad's birthday if I get lots of ideas! The cheaper the better but I don't mind getting a more expensive game and counting that as both parents presents.

Does anyone else like to go for a sort of theme for Christmas gift giving? Any ideas for themes? For example last year I gave mostly home-made things, another year I gave books.

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Anyone else on the verge of meltdown while trying to navigate the ACA stuff? Because Im not against it by any means but Im still feeling defeated and on the verge of tears.

The kid is covered fine, I dont qualify for any discounts or state medicaid despite the fact that our household yearly income is under $10k for three people.

Im about to give up.

Cute GIF thread?

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What is something that you dislike that most people like?

Ex: My boyfriend hates cooked fruit and I love it. My sister loves shopping and I would rather eat barbed wire.

Pretend you are me. What would you do?

Things I want:
I want my work to be challenging and I want to work with people/help people
I would enjoy connecting these social issues with local environmental issues
I prefer not to have a 100% desk job
Concerned about climate change and social inequality
I want to use my creativity in my job as well (with communication and ideas)

What would you "do" as a "profession"?


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do you or have you ever lived in an apartment building or house with really inconsiderate roommates/neighbors?

I live in a studio apartment in a building with about 15 other apartments. we have exactly two washers and dryers to share between everyone, yet I feel like SO many people in this building give zero fucks about common courtesy. there are people who will put their clothes in the washer or dryer and leave them there for hours. I'm just annoyed because I am exhausted and now I have to wait however long for the dryers to be available because the person who used the washers before me literally left their wet clothes in the laundry room for 3+ hours.
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What do you do?

Do you cross at the crosswalk?
Do you wait until it says walk?
Why/why not?

I live in a relatively urban area, full of cars and bikes and crosswalks and pedestrians.

My family and I walk around a lot. This includes my two kids, 6yo and 9yo.
This evening something occurred that happens quite a bit. We were stopped at a crosswalk waiting for it to turn. At least a half dozen adults crossed the street "against the light".
When my 6yo made a move to cross at that moment, I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to wait until he sees the walk signal. He exclaimed, "But all of those other people are already walking!" I told him that they were wrong and being unsafe.
A few moments later my husband said to me, "You know if I'm walking by myself and see kids at the crosswalk, I don't go until the signal gives me the go ahead."
I agreed with him.

But, what say you?
Do you ever feel the need to be a good role model for those around you? Specifically children?
Why/why not?