October 27th, 2013


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When you hear the phrase "had a wishbone where a backbone should have grown," what precise part of the spine do you think of? I'm currently considering base of the skull (having the v part along the hair line) and between the shoulder blades which makes more sense anatomically.

Sad French lady clown

Does anyone remember those paintings of that sad French clown lady that were popular in 80s?

I can't remember for the life of me what she was called but I'm pretty sure she had a name.

I've tried googling but nothing is coming up

Does anyone know her name or the artist?

Also, back in February I commissioned art off someone. I haven't heard anything back from the artist yet, how long should I wait before enquiring about the commission?

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in relation to the pregnancy post...

what contraception do you use?
do you or have you ever used the pull out method? what are your thoughts on this?
how effective is your contraception?
do you know anyone personally who has become pregnant whilst being on contraception?
if you became pregnant now, what would you think?

i'm not on any contraception. i was on the pill from age 11 for treatment on acne and i stopped taking it around 3 months ago (i'm 22). we haven't been using any contraception but he has been pulling out. it wouldn't be the end of the world if i became pregnant but i don't think i will. i'm kind of scared i'm infertile from being on the pill so long... :/
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When's the last time you felt like you look really nice?

Do you often feel good about yourself, or does it only happen sometimes?

Does something in particular trigger it (compliments, getting dressed up, ect)?

I just bought a new dress today and I feel slamming in it, but have nowhere to go. It's times like this that I feel really confidant and good about myself.


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What should I watch on Netflix?
I've loved Orange is the New Black, Our Idiot Brother and Into the Wild, and i've enjoyed Portlandia, Parks and Recreation and Wilfred. I've tried the Walking Dead and Breaking bad and can't get into them.

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So last year we received a '99 Tahoe. My parents put new tires on it - the catch is that they had it done in Florida and we live in the upper Midwest with snowy winters. The tires aren't all weather and we had some slip and sliding last winter (just a couple times - usually things are plowed and salted). My husband thinks that putting weight in the back (like cinder blocks) would mitigate that. Still, he wants me to feel safe. New all-weather tires would be $300+ for all four and we'd be losing 4 perfectly good tires. We're not keen on buying snow tires and changing them each season. I think we need to change them but I can't articulate why since I'm not a tire person.

What's the best option? Money is tight but if we absolutely must change the tires we can swing it (but with having had a baby this year, there's always expenses). What would you do? Is there a way to get cheaper tires? I checked Wal-Mart and Tires Plus and all weather tires were $80/each. :S 

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what clothing store can a 23ish year old woman buy business casual shirts from that would make her look relatively put together with little to no effort?  I'm barely awake extremely lazy in the morning when I get ready for work.

apologies for the wordy question.