October 25th, 2013

Avienne and Logan

Some Questions About Birds (Crows and Ravens, Specifically)

Do you have any experience in caring for a crow or raven? (Rehabilitating an injured bird, or owning one as a pet) Would you consider them difficult to care for? Why? (Bonus points if you have pictures. <3)

If you were to have a pet crow or raven, what type would you go for (Pied crow, hooded crow white-necked raven, etc)? Would you prefer a male or a female? What would you name it?

I've lived around crows my whole life (ravens didn't start showing up in my area until I was older), so I've always been fascinated by them and their intelligence in particular. Birds of all kinds are basically my passion, so I've been really wanting to get one as a pet and have been looking into it for years and have a clusterfuck of how-to care notes stashed away on my phone, iPod, and several text documents on my computer and laptop. According to wildlife laws where I live, owning any native species is considered illegal, but non-native species are fine. I've found a breeder that raises all sorts of different kinds, and I'm really leaning towards a white-necked raven in particular. Granted, all of this won't be happening for a few years yet, as I'd like to make sure first and foremost that I can afford its care (I mean, the bird itself is going to cost $2,000+ by the time I even get it, then there's building the cage for it, and food and toys and whatnot), and have the space in my home for it.

I'd probably get a male, though I'm not sure on what I might name it-- I'm feeling something like Sebastian or Mordecai. I've had a few friends jokingly tell me to name it Russell so I can figure out how many of my friends actually know the difference between crows and ravens (or in this case... Crowes?)

Mostly I'm just bored and wanna ask silly questions about birds and maybe get some opinions or suggestions from fellow bird-lovers or any current/former corvid owners.

DK/DC: If you could have any animal-- living, extinct, or fictional-- as a pet to spend the rest of your life with, what would it be?

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Other than skyscanner and sta travel (I'm under 26) are there any really good sites for finding cheap flights?
Looking to go from the us USA to Singapore if it makes a difference, in January.
i say

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Do you ever have those days where you just...can't...brain?

What are some examples?

I was on a roll at work tonight. First, I tried to pour juice into a bowl. Then I forgot where the basement door (that I use about 50 times a day) was. Finally, when grabbing a box of eye drops, I noticed that there was a big pink stripe on it, and my first thought was 'oh, they're cherry flavoured!' Those are just the ones I've let myself remember.
Stained Glass

I hurt my back

I stand and walk around a lot for a living. Yesterday my back suddenly started to hurt. I've think I've pulled a muscle. This morning it's really painful and I can barely walk.
Any ideas on how to help me heal before I have to go back to work tomorrow?

Sadly I don't have a bath. I only have a shower. I'd love a bath right now.
  • charuby

I need your help!

What does giving birth feel like? What are the contractions like? Any other information about the lead-up to labour will be great!

I'm writing a story where my main character is pregnant, but I have no idea how to write the labour and actual giving birth. I'm looking around online for people's accounts, but thought I'd ask around here, too. I want to get as much information as possible. Thanks!

P.S - It's fanfiction, set in a world that's not like ours. There are no mod cons or big hospitals.

Transfer Student Loneliness

Hello TQC,

I recently transferred to a large state university from a community college (I don't know why I thought that was a good idea for me), and being here is seriously stressing me out. It's difficult to make friends because I live alone off-campus due to limited housing space. I'm extremely socially awkward, shy, and I sometimes get socially anxious. I barely had any friends at my CC as well. I realize that I may have not made the right choices for myself, but I love the academics here and I want to make the best of my decision.

Have any of you experienced this or something like it?
What are your suggestions for me?

(dk;dc - What is your favorite season?)

Antidepressents and weight gain/wish-granting genie

Have antidepressents made any of you gain weight?

I can't tell for sure because I don't own a scale (I guess that's my fault), but I did weigh myself at the gym awhile ago and I am pretty sure I weigh about 15 pounds more than usual and feel a bit heavier (it is hard to fit into my really tight jeans but I still can!) The pills have helped tremendously with my anxiety (I've been on them since May), but I am afraid weight will keep packing on. I was working out about 5x a week for the past 3 months and it hasn't seemed to do anything. I am 98% vegetarian and hardly ever eat sweets, although I don't bike or walk nearly as much as I used to, since I swithced from college student to 9-5 job with a car. I am not overweight or anything, but I was just wondering if antidepressents (I'm on Cymbalta) has done this to anyone?

I googled it, but I like to think the people on TQC are reliable, sane sources, so I'd rather trust you all :)

DK/DC--A genie has appeared and has granted you one wish but there is a catch: you can't use it directly to yourself. The wish has to get rid of one thing you consider "evil" in this world. So it may benefit you and your children and your community, but it's not like the genie can grant you a lot of money or something. What is that one "evil" you would tell the genie to do away with?

Itunes geeks - help!

So I got a new laptop and tried to add new music to my iPhone. Itunes said in order to sync I had to delete all existing data. So I done that, synced to new laptop and re added old music which I had saved on a hard drive. Unfortunately all of my ringtones and purchased music was deleted.
My question is - how do I restore purchased songs and ring tones? I've tried transferring purchases through the file tab but all it does is transfer apps I already have downloaded. Google was no help.

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Have you ever forgotten how old you are?

I just did. I counted, recounted and counted again. And then I used a calculator to see if I was doing it right because I wasn't getting the right number.

Because I was wrong.

Otherwise; plans for the weekend?