October 24th, 2013

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What would disgust/horrify you more?

Sitting down in a puddle of someone else's vomit.
A roach crawling into your ear
Mold suddenly appearing on all your bedroom walls

Are you a visual thinker?

I am not sure
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It's my birthday today! What kind of free stuff can I get on my birthday? I'm aware of a free breakfast from Denny's, some food from DelTaco, and a $5 coupon from Ace Hardware. Anything else you know of? :)

DK/DC: What was the last thing that you got for free? 

Halloween inspirations

1. Every year, I carve the office pumpkin. The concept is usually mine, as well as the execution. Pretty much, I do everything for the jack-o-lantern. Last year, my pumpkin placed second in the building pumpkin contest. I turned the large pumpkin into an apple, and pinned together several smaller pumpkins into a caterpillar, and spray painted everything accordingly. A few years before, a coworker and I turned a pumpkin into a pig, using fruit pieces for various piggy features and spray painting it pink. Other concepts I ran with in the past were Cinderella's carriage and a fallen snowman (Frosty v. global warming). So my method is turning the pumpkin into other things. This year, I'm not as inspired. I have few ideas, but none that are that great. So I need your help

What good jack-o-lantern ideas can you give me, where I transform the pumpkin into something else?

2. This year, I'm also dressing up in a costume for work. I don't really have any ideas for this one either. I just don't want something that's cumbersome, that involves a mask (I do have to work).

Got any ideas?
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car problems

I have a 2002 hyundai elantra. It's, cosmetically, in bad shape, but runs just fine. I drove it from AZ to DC and since then it hasn't really been used much, so I'm trying to sell it because it would cost more than I'm willing to put into it to make it legal to drive again. Problem is, I don't know what price to slap on it. Should I just scrap it instead, since it's kind of ugly/high mileage?

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Do you think you are codependent in your relationship? Do you always need to be with your SO and do things with your SO? Are you ok with your SO travelling without you? Being gone for the nght without you?


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Do your pets like people food? Do you let them have it as a special treat if they do?

My little cat, Luna, won't touch people food, but she will beg for it just to see if you'll give it to her. My older boy, Lex, LOVES people food. He lives for cheese. I don't let him have it except for a little bit once in a while.

This or that

Which one?

Taking a 4 hour flight and having the window seat and being seated next to someone who has terrible gas
Going for a 2 hour road trip locked in the trunk of the car

Which one?

Spending the weekend at a nudist colony, and yes, you have to be nude
Spend the weekend hiking across the Sahara Desert. You'll have enough water and appropriate clothing and a tent. You're picked up 2 days later

Which one?

Every time you fart, you teleport 1 mile in a random direction
For each pound you gain naturally, your body compounds it into 5 pounds. So, gaining 10 pounds would end up being 50 pounds

Which one?

Losing all ability to lie. Even polite or white lies would be impossible for you. You say it like it is ALWAYS
Every night you have a graphic sex dream with a random person you talked to that day, regardless of their relationship to you (ie, best friend, family member, etc)

Which one?

Swimming across an Olympic-size pool that contains piranha that haven't eaten in over a day. They're hungry, not starving
Do Pamplona's Running of the Bulls while dressed in a two-person horse outfit. You're the head. You can only go as fast as your partner can run, and they can't see


Anyone here a practicing witch? Which communities on LJ do you follow that are active? Which path are you?

Do you want to be my friend?

I am exploring this concept called "Urban" witchcraft. Feeling the rhythm of the city, finding magical uses for everyday items. Stuff like that. I need someone to bounce ideas off of. 
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TQC - My life is going to change incredibly in two months! Most days I'm really excited about it, but sometimes, I get caught up in a lot of emotions and it becomes super overwhelming and my anxiety is through the roof.

What do you do when anxiety is taking over? Any good ideas for how to push forward instead of hiding under the blankets?