October 23rd, 2013

Livejournal and Twitter

Livejournal has a feature that will collect your Tweets and post them on your account for you. A lot of people use the feature, a lot of people don't. I had the feature set but while I was away from the account for a long period of time, it just kept posting and no one seemed to care.

1) Do you use this Twitter feature yourself? I guess, bigger picture, do you use Twitter at all?

2) Do you read friends who have the feature set-up? Do you find the posts helpful or just annoying?

3) If I set-up mine would you read them, or just not care?
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How does your and your SO's schedules mesh? And how does that affect your relationship?

Eg. I work 9-5, and coach almost every evening. My husband works 9-3, or 3-9, and every other weekend. It works great for us since we both like to have our own alone time, but we still get probably about half the evenings and every other weekend together.

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Is it always worth it to buy the warranties on things? Are there times where you don't think it's worth it?

When has having a warranty on something really saved your ass?

Inspired by my parent's washer having a meltdown this morning. I feel like my parents never buy the warranties on ANYTHING because of the cost at the time, but then that just causes them mountains of unecessary stress later when shit breaks down and they have to shell out money to fix it or buy a new expensive thing.


What's your cats name?
Where does your cat eat?
Will you post a picture of your cat (or whatever pet you have)?
eta: Is it gross to let the cat on the table? She picked it up from my in-laws who took her for a year until we got our own house. Now she's on the table a lot. I know it's one of the only places she can escape the kids but it still bothers me, even with cleaning the table a lot. I'm on the fence if I should try to get her to stop coming up here or just get used to wiping it a lot.

Since we moved I can't find a good place for the cat food. I could put it out in the porch but it will be so cold in there come winter and there's a small hole in the corner so mice might get in because of the food. Plus then she can only get at her food/water when I open the door for her. Right now she's eating on the table because she can't jump the baby gate (or I'd just put it on the stairs for her).

I tried feeding her just at night when the kids won't bother her/get into her gross food but she harasses me all day, weaving in-between my legs and almost killing me while I carry the babies around. Or the babies will catch her while she harasses me and really pull on her hard. It's really hard to get a pinned cat out from under two little almost toddlers.

She's always had water and food available to her all day. What should I do? It's got to be out of the kids reach but accessible to her, and she's a pretty stout cat who can't jump that high. She tried to jump on the table without the chair...and well...she didn't make it. lol.

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Don't have a cat? Why not?
What are your plans today? 

Dry Cleaning: Do I have to?

I have a lovely J.Crew dress that is 93% cotton and 7% spandex, and it says dry clean only. This confuses me (like, since when does cotton and spandex need to be dry cleaned?).

J.Crew tends to say most everything they make is dry-clean only, so I'm wondering if that is a move on their part to make their clothes seem to be of higher quality/exclusive than they actually are (or something along those lines).

If you had a mostly cotton dress with a little bit of spandex, would you dry-clean it? I don't think it's necessary, but I'm not a professional. Am I just being cheap?
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Can someone who is better at Google than I am help me find something? I'm looking for a website where I can input destinations (both countries and specific cities) and have these show up on a world map. I'm sure something like this exists, right?
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Pale-Person Problems

Do any of you lovely lot have suggestions for a good-quality, very pale foundation? Powder?

I bought Revlon's 'alabaster' in desperation, but it's still shockingly pigmented on my skin. I have to temper it with cornstarch to get it the right shade. I don't want to look like I'm covered in White-Out, but I do want my foundation to match my skin. This shouldn't be too much to ask!

Can you find your skin-tone in stores?