October 21st, 2013

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Congrats, you've somehow just assumed leadership of a local criminal organization. Unfortunately, the old HQ went down with the last boss, and now you need to find somewhere new. What kind of establishment will you pick to be the place where you run your new buisness out of the back of, through which you will launder money and which, you hope, will provide reasonable explanation for the comings and goings of your various underlings? (You would be aquiring the actual buisness as well)

the traditional route - a strip club
a large wine and liquor depot type store
a 'family owned' restaurant
a community theatre
a funeral home
an art supply store
a health supplement/vitamin store
a car wash
a hair and nail salon
a gay bar
a butcher shop
a large thrift store
a "massage" parlor
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This or that

Would you rather have sex with a Real Sex doll that looks like...? The doll has a very realistic looking face, and you have to have sex face-to-face

A clown

You're in your own home. There's a big, fat spider on the wall. Would you rather kill the spider...?

Using only your mouth with ONLY a couple squares of toilet paper wadded up between your lips (no hands)
Hair spray and a lighter

Would you rather twirl a sign, in the middle of summer...?

In only your underwear (the ones you have on now)
In a used gorilla suit with thick fake fur, that's been worn by 20 other sweaty people and never been washed

Would you rather...?

Punch a tiny old lady as hard as you can
Get hit by a baseball bat wielded by a tiny old woman 5 times

You're at a nasty gas station restroom, and you have to take a dump. Would you rather...?

Open the door and flush the toilet using only your mouth
Sit on the toilet without any seat cover and proceed to poop
The Shining.

the Duggars

so that family doesn't allow dancing, or their kids to dance.
AND the girls in the family cannot wear pants [although the parents say they can if they want, riiight]

thoughts? and thoughts on this family in general?
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What course would you take?

You have to take a course, it's online, and you have a choice of taking one of the following:

1. Women of the Diaspora: race, culture, and education
2. Questions of the American Community
3. History of the Blues
4. The Music of the Beatles
5. Sociology of Disability

Which course would you take? Why?


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What are some words (including slang terms), expressions, idioms, ways of saying things, customs, fashions, etc. unique to the area you're from or currently reside in?

Post them and let members try to guess the area!

ETA: And/or post an audio recording of you talking and we can try to guess where you're from based on your accent/pronunciation!

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TQC, I have a social dilemma. I am of the view it's totally wrong to dress up as a race. My hockey team are having a 'Cowboys and Indians' night where all the girls team have to dress as Native Americans. I expressed to the organisers why it was wrong, but as expected, was ignored. I'm not sure what to do. Shall I skip it, go but not in costume, put a post on the communal facebook page explaining why it's wrong? Nothing? I am super involved in equality and liberation groups at my university, but this group of people are very ill informed about this. We are in the UK as well so Native American oppression is not really taught.

Note (if you don't know why someone would be against it: http://nativeappropriations.com/2011/10/open-letter-to-the-pocahotties-and-indian-warriors-this-halloween.

Edited to add the letter I wrote:
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I found a book on Amazon.com where the kindle ebook is almost two dollars more than the paper back.

Why? Why is this?

Can you give me some serious and non-serious answers as to why this digital edition is more money ($15.96 compared to $14.08 in paper back)?

30 Day Shred on Netflix?

Can someone who has netflix have a quick look and see if the 30 Day Shred is on there? I did the first ten days on youtube and really enjoyed it, but now I can't find level 2 for free anywhere. Most paid downloads of it (like amazon) are restricted to America, so I can't do that, but I think there's a way of getting around netflix, if my terrible computer can manage it.
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The 1st of this month I started renting a condo. I paid the October rent and a deposit. I stayed in the condo for only a few nights, but for various reasons didn't like it and decided to leave. I've informed the lady - left a message on her phone. She never sent me the month to month lease that she promised she would, has been showing the condo much more frequently than she said she would (I'm no longer there but I receive a call when they go into the condo to look at it), and she hasn't gotten back to me about my message.

Where I live I'm pretty sure it's the law that you have to inform landlords 30 days in advance that you're moving. Which I did. But I'm wondering if I'm obligated to pay November or if the deposit I gave her (same price as the rent) would be sufficient since I was only there three nights and did no damage and since she never sent me a lease outlining the terms of the deposit. What should I do? Tell her I'm counting the deposit as the November rent and give her back the key? Or pay the full November rent?