October 20th, 2013

It's All Good
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There's a cute stray cat near where I live that I'd love to take in/adopt. Do you guys have any pointers on getting close enough to be able to pick him up? He seems friendly, but skittish.

Challenge mode: said cat hangs out in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
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Is it ever acceptable to order from the kid's menu in a restaurant when you are an adult? What if you offer to pay more for it and/or ask for an adult sized portion?

Is it acceptable to order an assortment of sides as your entree?

Do you do either of these things? Has it ever been a problem?

Opening Rar files

Does anyone know of a good legal programme apart from Winrar to open Rar files? I can't afford $30 for a full version.

Also for Mass Effect fans

I'm DLing XNALara rar files with the view of combining XNALara models to make my own models, like for example combining Ashley's head with a body model wearing this hoodie - http://social.bioware.com/bw_projects_gallery_file.php?project_id=8838&project_media_id=15014

What Mass Effect XNALara models would you like to see?

When I google "Wrex Ashley" the first image that shows up is a NSFW picture, would this be because Google has found I have NSFW Wrexley art on my DeviantArt and it tailored my search or does it show up for other people as well?

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I want to make a casserole.  All I have are some chicken breasts (boneless and skinless), some rice (cooked and uncooked), some cream of chicken soup, sharp cheddar, crescent rolls.  I was thinking I could cut up the chicken, cook it in a skillet with oil and seasonings (I have salt, pepper, and garlic powder), mix that, some of the soup, some of the cheese, and cooked rice together and put it in a casserole dish and top it with the crescent rolls.  Do you think this sounds ok?  Should I add something else?  I can go to the store and buy something if it's relatively cheap.  
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Your class that meets once a week is cancelled due to illness, but you have a paper due.

Do you assume your paper still needs to be handed in (either via email or in the professor's mailbox)?

His email was very short and didn't touch on the subject of the papers. He doesn't have a policy in place for this. I'm leaning towards "no, hand it in next time the class meets." I feel like he would have given us instructions on how he wanted our papers handed in if he wanted us to do so in his absence. I emailed him right after I received his email, but I doubt he'll get back to me before tomorrow.

Edit: He just got back to the class and said it's due the 28th. Fantastic!

Since that's out of the way, let's try something new: What are you most excited for this upcoming week? What are you least excited for?

Dealing with death as an agnostic

Hey all,

I'm an agnostic but I was raised Episcopalian and I prayed like many Christians did in times of trouble and in times of gratitude. Sometimes I still catch myself doing it just because it feels nice to talk to someone, even though I don't believe anyone is listening.

My uncle just died and my whole family is Christian, and I am going to the service in a week. I am sad about it but mostly I am sad because he was like a brother to my dad, who is still grieving from my mom passing 2 years ago. My life isn't affected too much except for the sadness over a family member passing, but I don't really "need" to grieve in my own way.

Many religious folk would pray during this time because they believe their prayers go out the family and the ones hurting and perhaps God can help them. Since I don't believe in that, what should I do on my own? I will of course say my condolences at the service, but it actually makes me uncomfortable when people talk about that he is with the Lord now. I was so angry when my mom died that all that talk about her being in Heaven seriously infuriarated me.

For all you atheists, agnostics and humanists out there who have lost a family member, what do you do to compensate for that feeling of comfort that many religious people have that he or she is at peace now? Have any of you had any confrontations with religious family members about this?

I don't mean to offend anyone with any religious beliefs; this are just my opinion and my beliefs. It was incredibly hard to deal with my mom, but I was the one being apologized to so I didn't have to reach out to anyone. I want to comfort my dad and I want to be there for my family, but I want to comfort the idea that he is gone in a nonsecular way.

Does this post make sense? It does in my head, but I'm not sure how to convey it.

Any advice for this situation?