October 19th, 2013

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If you could have a private live performance from one band/artist (living or dead - we can work magic) for you and 10 friends, who would it be?

What 3 songs would you insist they play for you?
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Travel time!

I've been feeling the need to expand my travel horizons lately. TQC, help me decide on places I should consider visiting in the future!

1) What are some really cool places you have visited (for any and all values of "cool")?

2) How about places you would never go back to again? Why don't you want to go back?

3) If someone was going to visit your area (for any and all values of "your area"), what would you suggest that they see, do, eat, avoid, etc?

4) What is someplace you really want to visit, and why?

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When's the last time you skipped school/work for purely entertainment purposes?

ex: play a game on release day, playoffs of your favorite sports team, etc.

If that's the kind of thing you would -never- do, what candy do you just hate?

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How often do you update your journal*?

For the last seven weeks I have updated mine almost every day-prior to that it was a couple of times a month.

For those who do-is there a subject to your journal entries or is it whatever is on your mind?

*LJ journal or any other journal you keep

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I'm going on a roadtrip from Orlando to Charleston, SC over halloween. Anywhere particular we should stop on the way or anything to check out once we're there?

Also my dog died yesterday (back in England). Anything to make me feel less crappy?

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We're having a Halloween movie marathon here at my house, because . . . well, because it's October and Halloween is the Rolls Royce of slasher franchises, that's why. At the beginning of the second installment, a couple is *spoiler alert for a movie that is over three decades old* killed in their house. The wife is in the kitchen constructing sandwiches for herself and her spouse, and she asks the husband if he would like mayonnaise on his sandwich (he never responds because he is already dead). My problem with this is that the sandwich seems to be ham on white. What unearthly creature puts mayonnaise on a ham sandwich?!? I'm not crazy, right? That sounds totally gross, right?

*Note: Yes, I am vegan and have been for more than a decade. So when I think of eating these things, it is clearly the vegan version. But my disgust at the flavor combinations stands.*

Does putting mayonnaise on a ham sandwich sound totally gross or what?


I mean, doesn't it just remind you of putting mayonnaise on a hot dog?

Yeah, totally.
No, what the hell are you talking about?

Wait, you don't put mayonnaise on your hot dogs, do you?!?

No, of course not. I'm no cretin!
Yes! It's a delectable treat for young and old!
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Have any TQCers tried their hand at beer, wine or cider making at home? How did it turn out? Tips? Tricks, etc?

My dad does wine making and will made batches for me if I buy the kit. He goes away for the winter after Christmas and I was thinking of borrowing his equipment and trying my hand at cider.

scary movies

Has anyone had a fear that somehow managed to be the main premise of a horror movie?

What's your worse (nonrealistic) fear?

I have always had this intense fear of aliens, and especially the idea of scientist aliens, and I really freak out, sort of in tears sort of freaked out over the idea of an alien standing over me while I'm sleeping. So... Last night my sister has me buy Dark Skies, telling me not to read anything about it, for our bi-monthly horror movie night. So, yep, movie pretty much was like, 'hey here's all of your worst fears in one package!'
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My friend and I want to work/have fun with writing. We've decided to start writing short stories and swapping them.

What would be some good themes we can attempt in the future?