October 18th, 2013

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Makeup Primer

I wear makeup most days. I use a moisturizer, a little foundation and powder.

I went to buy my usual brand and the salesperson told me that I can't possibly use the foundation without using a primer (which they just introduced).  Didn't buy any, but feel a bit concerned because she looked at me like I had just committed a felony.

So, tell me, what is makeup primer and will the cosmetic police arrest me if I put on foundation without it?

DK/DC - what was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were in grade school?

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My tutoring student set up an appointment for today at 11 last week. She did not send me a message cancelling. It is currently 11:18. Is she going to show up, or has she forgotten?

When should I leave? I have stuff I could do here but I am also going over to a friend's to sew and cook this afternoon so the earlier I get on that the sooner the fun can start.

DK/DC: What other considerations go into whether you decide to check baggage when you fly besides "I want to take booze/moisturizer"? (These are my two big ones--do I want to take all my moisturizers and/or alcohol? If so, I check. If not, I don't except for super long trips.)

Trainspotting vs Quadrophrenia

Does Trainspotting (1996, dir. Danny Boyle) owe an immense creative debt to Quadrophrenia (1979, dir. Frank Roddam), or are they both just entries into the overall subgenre of British disaffected youth films? Discuss.


(Just in case you were wondering, I am NOT taking a film studies class.)

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What do you want for Christmas?
Do you think you'll get it? If you don't celebrate Christmas...what things do you want right now in general?
I really want a purple stand mixer like this

but I don't think I'll get one. I also need paintbrushes. 

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do you ever get anxiety about time or your age?

i'm going to be 24 in four months and i feel like i'm too old to be happy and enjoy things like clothes and music or pick up my old hobbies like writing and drawing because i feel like i've lost too much time. :|

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My 12 year old neutered male cat has been spraying in the bathroom. Last night he actually did it in front of me. I've been trying to Google why he would be doing that, we don't have any other cats, he has his own space. I am concerned if I should take him to the vet? He has had episodes of spraying before when we go on vacation. We have recently changed his diet under dr's orders because he might have some renal issues. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this something that older cats just do?

Did a mortgage company ever dicked with you? We just got pre-approved for a certain amount, went and looked at homes within that range, only to be told they would only approve us for $150K less.