October 17th, 2013

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How do you save money? A percentage of your pay? A set amount of your pay?
Do you have any rules about how you save your money?
Are you saving for anything in particular?

DK/DC/Saving what now?: Is there any popular technological do-dad that you just find totally pointless?

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Poll #1939089 lol inspired by me writing a skit for language class in which i am a terrible employer :0

Which of these issues have you personally experienced or witnessed in the workplace at some point during your time in the workforce?

Employer who harshly limits employee bathroom breaks
Employer who regularly fails to give at least some employees sufficient meal breaks
Employer who refuses to hire applicants with disabilities
Employer who refuses to acknowledge accessibility needs/accomodation requests of employees with disabilities
Employer who personally sexually harrasses employees
Employer who permits/condones exployees sexually harassing each other
Employer who arbitrarily calls employees lazy regardless of actual performance
Employer who never gives employees raises
Blatant employer favoritism towards some employees over others
Employer belittling employee in front of costumers/clients

Edit: I always forget to add a 'None of these' option :/
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My boyfriend has a Google Nexus 4 phone, but we lost the 'key' which came with it when we recently moved house. He has just received a new sim, and because we can't find the key, he's not been able to get the back of the phone off.

Does anyone know of any tricks for getting the back off without the little key? I've tried googling but just keep getting articles for upcoming releases of the phone!
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will you tell me why you weren't impressed with the movie Gravity?
will you tell me why you LOVED the movie Gravity?

--honestly I found Captain Philips to be more 'on the edge of your seat'.

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Is there a hobby you used to love, but you haven't done it in a while? Would you do it again if you had the time/money/place/interest?

Mine is poetry. I used to love writing poetry every day, and then stopped. Today I am going through my allpoetry account and editing, improving and just reading my old poems. Feels good :)

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My school is having an entrepreneurship week, and we're supposed to create our own items to sell. My group is making keychains, and I'm in charge of drawing/printing the laminated paper keychains. We're going to be selling these to 9, 10 and 11-year-old students. I've drawn some chibis, but I'm worried the kids won't like them and that we won't meet the profit requirement of $15. I'm planning to print out some Hello Kitty, Pokémon and Transformers images too. Are there any cartoon characters (or any images, in general) that you think the kids might like? Thanks!

ETA: We're selling the keychains to students from our affiliated primary school, so I don't know the students well. Also, I live in Singapore, if that helps.

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So I know IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET, but because I'm starting my shopping way early this year to ensure I can afford to get the people in my life nice things, do you know what you want to get your loved ones for Christmas? What?
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Good stuff for 5th graders.

I'm going to be finishing my 5th grade student teaching placement in 2 weeks and I'm going to be giving the kids little goodie bags as a thank you. I started buying some stuff tonight and so far I have pencils, erasers, and temporary tattoos. I plan on adding some candy to the bag (I've already checked with the teacher - no allergies or special diets), but I feel like there should be something else. I don't want to buy them cheap, plastic toys that will break or get lost within 5 minutes, but I'm also on a budget - and I have to buy for 51 students. My cooperating teacher said nothing is off limits, but I want to give them something they'll actually enjoy. Any inexpensive suggestions for 10/11 year old kids?

DK/DC - Do any of you ladies actually hand wash your bras? I feel like I should probably start doing it but it seems like it would be tedious and I feel like I wouldn't be able to get them clean enough. Right now I just wash them on a gentle cycle in my washing machine and hang dry them, but I feel like I need to start taking better care of them.