October 14th, 2013



When you were little what kind of candy did you like to get at Halloween?
Would you sort your candy? Save your candy? Did you have any little candy traditions?

I loved Peanut M&Ms
I would sit on the floor, dump out my bag, and sort by type and keep a detailed list of what I had.
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My digital camera gave up the ghost. I have about $43 in Amazon gift cards. What's a good digital camera to get? I'm not that tech savvy so the easier to use, the better. My price limit for a camera (including the amazon gift cards) is around $80. I really rather not spend that much though. Thank you! (To clarify, I have to be able to buy it on Amazon).
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Learning a new language

Okay so my background is: English is practically my first language. I grew up with both Cantonese and Mandarin and I did Japanese in high school/university.

I've been curious to learn another European language (French was what I wanted to do but my junior high school made it compulsory to learn Japanese, which led to my continuation of it in high school).

But now, my mother says after watching many documentaries/news about Germany, she thinks their technology is really cool and "GERMAN IS THE WAY TO GO FOR THE FUTURE~!!!!" if I really wanted to learn another European language. Her other belief is that France is deteriorating in power etc but I'm not sure about if that's true or if she's just been watching too many German based shows.

So, my question is, what is your opinion (disregarding Chinese, please)? If one were to learn a language for the future that would benefit widely in a more global sense (or just impress more people, up to you), what language would it be? And why?

And if this is to fast track yourself? (ie not learning a language because you love it but learning it because you think it will help you more in career or life)?

Edited to add on a completely different topic
I'm currently living in HK, doing an exchange programme. Is there anyone here who is also currently living in HK who wants to be friends with me in real life? We could have fun dates with each other or something. I actually know nothing about HK and buses freak me the fuck out. I promise I'm not a serial killer.

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Best side dish you've encountered at a holiday meal or a large meal with friends/pot luck?

Inspired by the broccoli and cheese casserole I had for the first time yesterday and loved.

DK/DC/Don't eat side dishes: Based on your cooking abilities, if you were to go to a pot luck in the next little while, what would you bring?

Oh no! Not the books! Not the books!

My new dog has decided to pull new-to-me used books out of the living room bookcase and chew them up.

Why? Why does he do this to me? Don't I feed him every day? Don't I continually refill his water bowl? Don't I take him on mile-long walks? Don't I diligently and responsibly pick up his poop on those walks (no matter how runny) and carry it around in a little bag until I reach an appropriate trash can?


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I'm going to a wedding Saturday. My dress is black with gold (kind of glittery gold and the back top half has gold lace on it).

What color should I paint my nails? I was planning black with a gold glitter accent nail but my coworker has me doubting that. I have pretty much every color and a shitton of glitters for the accent nail, if I do one.

Should I wear nude or black hose? I have a pair of black that I've worn with this dress before, if I go with nude I'll need to make a special trip to buy them.

Edit: Going with nude hose, but the nail question still stands, make decisions for me :)
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A friend of mine died a couple years ago. I recently found some old photographs of her/us, and I was wondering if I should send them to her parents? I haven't kept in touch with them much, aside from sending them a holiday card every year, so I don't know if it would be too weird to receive 5 or so photos from their daughter's friend from middle school. Send or don't send? Thanks for any opinions.

Edited to add that I have two copies of the photos I'd send. So I'd keep one set for myself, but don't need the extra copy, I think.
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Will you tell me about a time when you had to start over from scratch?

Do you have any tips for getting rid of stuff? I'm moving out at Christmas and I can't really take much of anything with me other than my clothes. Looking for places to donate stuff, advice on how to prioritize what to keep and what to trash, etc.

Do you get excited about moving?
I definitely do, and I'm stoked to be moving on, but I'm a little overwhelmed that this is finally happening... I spent the best ~6 years of my life in this town and it's hard to imagine having a better time living somewhere else :/

DK/DC: what's the last thing you made?
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My friend had a stupid falling out with his old landlord and they've given him a bad reference out of spite before, which cost him an apartment he was trying to get in the past. He's considering listing a fake reference. Have you ever done this? Can you actually get away with it, or do your old addresses come up with the credit check?

where did the phone calling gmail function go?

UPDATE: I figured it out. Turns out I had set CHAT to OFF in my gmail settings, and that made the phone icon go away.


Yikes. Ignore a useful subfeature for a few months and it goes away.

I just discovered that I don't have a little telephone icon to let me make google voice calls out of gmail anymore. How can I get it back? Or what has it been replaced with? Or am I just out of luck?

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Any one have a steam account?

I want to find a game
-you can play online with a friend.
-is NOT a first person shooter
-free to play
-is offered on Mac and PC

Anyone know of anything?

Dating sites

If you ever used online dating sites, could you please advise how many emails in your opinion should be exchanged before the first date?
If you're a girl and you really like this man's profile and his first email, would you agree to meet if he asked you out in his second email?

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TQC! How can I make my clothes dry faster? I don't have a heater and my flat is fairly cold (which I like, running heating is expensive and the dial is in my flatmates room). I hang it on a drying rack and try not to over fill it, but there must be some secret I don't know! I don't have / want to use a dryer.

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what drinking games do you like?

what's your job?

what animals that other people like are you just not that bothered about?

where do you live and how is the weather? would you rather live in a colder or hotter climate?

is anything big happening in your life before the year is over?

should i try and post more often on tqc? do you love questions as much as i do?

bonus jonas. do you like humous?