October 13th, 2013

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TQC - I got accepted to college and am starting January 6th! Moving into the dorms on the 4-5th weekend.

What size bed is/was in your dorm room?
Did you have a roommate?
Will you post a picture of your dorm?
Bug-eyed Earl


My lease is up at the end of November and we want to find a new place. I think we're gonna use movers this time. Moving is insufferable.
How much can I expect moving a 2 bedroom apartment within 20 miles cost in the Northeast?
How do I find a reliable company?
What can I do so they don't hit me with unexpected costs like moving blankets and crap? I hear they do that.
Other tips for moving?

Food Post!

1.) What's your favorite sandwich?

2.) Is there a food you love but don't eat often because its too unhealthy?

3.) Is there a food you aren't a big fan of but eat anyway because its so healthy?

4.) What's the last thing you ate?
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I can't work with women.

It's hard for me to admit that.  I've always considered myself a feminist.  And logically, I know this has to be my fault somehow.

But every job I've ever had working for or with too many women has been fraught with complications (and every job I've had with a male boss, and mostly male coworkers has turned out just fine--every one, and I'm in my 30s, I've had a lot of jobs)

I used to be a preschool teacher, a job I loved but one that means working mostly with other women.  I enjoyed children but I just couldn't deal with the drama anymore.

Now, I work at a winery, a really interesting job where I'm learning a lot.  I don't want to give it up, but it's almost all women, and none of them seem to like me no matter how hard I work or how far I bend over backwards to please them.  It's like they know I'm desperate to get along with them and they exploit that weakness.  I know that sounds crazy but I swear it's true.

If you're nice to them, they walk all over you.  If you're assertive, they attack in pairs or groups.

No matter what you do, they will talk shit about you, and do absolutely anything in their power to keep you from moving up if you show promise or talent for whatever you're doing.

My question is, does anyone have this problem?  Any insight on how to deal?


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Weird PM on dating site

I split up with my boyfriend last month and yesterday felt it was the right time to start looking for someone else, so I joined a dating site. I haven't had much correspondence yet... and then I get THIS gem:

I'll bold the stuff that really makes my eyes roll.

Collapse )

This has to be a joke. Right?

Spam? Genuine? What do you think? I'm not going to reply as I just find the whole thing ludacrous. What would you think if you were sent a PM like this on a dating site?

EDIT:He created a new account and sent me the same message after I blocked him. I sent him a reply saying "Please do not contact me again". I don't know if it's the same person or just some viral spam thing going around. I'm hoping it's the latter, however annoying that might be.

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TQC, I'm going to my godbrother's wedding today and I'm super excited about it! His family always throws the best parties at holidays so I have high hopes for the reception, and his fiancee is fantastic and I'm so happy for them. What was the last really great wedding you went to?


As an adult, have any of you  decided to give up on a relationship with one of your parents due to their behavior?

How do you handle it? I just made this decision and I'm not doing well. Unfortunately, there's no other choice.

Homemade Gifts

This year for Christmas, since money is tight, I would like to do some inexpensive homemade gifts for my family. They don't live nearby so I have to ship everything, so that's a consideration. I can't sew (more on that in a minute).

I found Homemade Bath Salts and Homemade Brownie Mix

What other ideas would you suggest? Ideally they need to be somewhat inexpensive, able to be shipped, and not require hours upon hours (see: baby). Links are a plus! :D

Also, I'd like to learn how to sew. I have basic skills but I don't even own a sewing machine and I don't want to make that kind of investment until I know I'd be willing to stick with it (sewing machines look so complicated, I had one once and I broke it). Do I try to find a second hand machine and just go for it? Are there online classes? Thoughts?

DK/DC/Not-a-domestic-diva -  Is there a food you're borderline addicted to? I go through 12 boxes of chocolate Chex a month. Just me. Alone. :P I eat a bowl for breakfast, snack on it during the day, and then eat a bowl at night. Yes, I know, that's a lot of Chex.

Leaving a job?

I am a substitute teacher and currently have a long term position. The position is with a 6th grade class. The job is suppose to last until xmas break but because of problems in the district it has to be renewed every 30 days. My first 30 days are up this Friday. Long before I took this job I was fed up with my district and teaching and had returned to school to get my A.A. in accounting. I am still fed up and still want out. Now this job is starting to interfere with my schooling. I know that this grade is difficult for me but I think I could finish the job if I had to but I would be miserable and my schooling would suffer. My question is if I leave the job would the school call me back for day to day assignments? Would it really be that bad if I left the job?
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What is the most you've ever paid for a concert?

What is the most you would ever pay?

The Pixies are playing in my area in Feb., but the tickets are $75. So torn. =/
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Do I eat this mini cupcake sitting in front of me?

I had probably 5 earlier today. I have 2 set aside to take home (I should share them with my husband as he has made me a nice curry for when I get home).

Would you eat the cupcake? Do you even like cupcakes? Why do they make such mini cupcakes? One is never going to be enough, how do you know when you're being ridiculous?

Dumb tattoo question

I am currently about 210lbs, I want to lose 70lbs. Health issues meaning I can't exercise and have a limited diet may mean this never happens or it happens very, very, very slowly. I would like to get two tattoos: one centrally down my back, one just above my ankle. Should I wait until I lose weight (if I ever can), or can I get them now, or part way through this supposed weight loss or would losing weight ruin them if I did?