October 12th, 2013

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For the past four nights my dog consistently wakes up between 345-4am. She is a year old, and has slept through the night fully since she was 4 months old. She goes to the bathroom (both) usually around 1045-11 and then into her crate to sleep. First night we took her out and she had a bit of bad poop. Second night we took her out and she just barked at the wind. Third night we ignored it and she finally stopped after about 15 minutes and woke up at her usual time of 9am. Tonight we're ignoring it again. Nothing in her schedule/diet has changed at all. Why is she waking up and barking/whining up a storm.

Srs/nonsrs answers.

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Your phone goes off-it's a text message.

Who is it most likely to be?

Your phone rings-a call is coming through.

Who is most likely to call you?

Would your answer change if it was a different time of day?

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Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween?
Pics encouraged.

If you were to make the most cliched workout playlist possible, what would be on it?

If you were to make the most cliched date night play list possible, what would be on it?
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Sibling Rivalry

1. Would you or have you ever gone on a date with a sibling's ex?
2. Would you or have you ever spent the night at a sibling's ex's place (as friends)?
3. Would you or have you ever slept in the same bed as a sibling's ex?  (Again, this is "just friends")
4. Would you or have you ever have sex with a sibling's ex?

Now answer the same questions for your siblings & your exes.

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What's the last nice thing someone did for you?!

My best friends dad came over and spent 4 hours installing a door into the crooked door frame of my porch and he wanted nothing...not even a drink of water. Having him do it saved us so much money and made one of our non-functional rooms functional just in time for winter.

What is on your 'to do' list this weekend?
What's the last thing you wanted to do but didn't have time to do? What did you have to do instead? 


Have you tried out anything new? A new dish, a new cuisine, drink, recipe?

Did you like it?

I had Chipotle for the first time but while it was tasty... it was quite pricey! 9 Euro/12 dollar and the guac was 3 Euro/4 dollar extra! WTF? I checked and in the US the guac is only $1.80 more?


I also had braised veal cheeks for the first time, very yummy

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Do you have Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners that don't have Turkey as a staple? What is the main dish?

If you could have your holiday dinner appear without having to pay for it or do any of the work-what would it consist of?