October 10th, 2013

hannibal skull

Trivia teams

Do you like playing trivia games?

Have you played pub trivia? Would you like to?

What's the best and worst teams names you have heard?

For the longest time, we've been the Periodic Table Dancers and we need a change....but everything we come up with is possibly omg too soon or non-PC (depends who you ask).

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Which of these is Yes for you?

Black Tea
Chai Tea
Iced Tea that you personally have to make
Orange Juice
Corn dogs
Heavy cream
Decaffienated tea or coffee

Which not so common/conventional name would you choose if you had to change yours and these were only option?

Tuesday (as a male name)
take the cannoli

Fire prevention week is upon us.

It's fire prevention week. Some of these questions will be geared toward parents.

1. Do you have a fire escape plan? Does it include 2-3 ways out of the house? If you have children, have you practiced them? How often do you practice?

2. If you have a 2 story dwelling, do you own a fire escape ladder that hangs over and out a 2nd story window?

3. Do you have working smoke detectors in every room of your dwelling? Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?

4. Do you own a fire extinguisher?

5. Do your kids know to stop, drop, cover, and roll if their clothes catch fire?

6. Did you attend any kind of fire station open house?

7. Have you ever had a house fire?

8. Are any of your friends fire fighters? What about family? If so, thank them for their service.

That is all. Be safe.

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Hey TQC - another cat question, sorry!

Kitty's eye (which was irritated on Monday night) was all better by Tuesday. No vet needed! But he's doing this weird behavioral thing now where essentially, unless you pick him up and take him someplace, he won't leave the kitchen table except to eat. He spent all night in my room last night with me and seemed happy in there, but as soon as I got up to feed him breakfast, he ate his wet food and went right up onto the table, and hasn't left all day as far as I know. This includes going to the litter box - I cleaned it out before I went to work this morning (around 10) and now its after 8 and it is still completely unused. I don't know how much he's been drinking, but I just gave him some milk, which he seemed happy to drink, and of course his wet food (both for breakfast and dinner) has liquids in it. I even just tried to physically put him in the litter box, but he immediately leapt out and went back to the table. If he hasn't done any business by tomorrow night, I'll be taking him to the vet on Saturday, but he is eating and drinking, and he's not "going" on the table from what I can see. He did this for a few days last year, too, but went right back to his usual habits after. So strange! Does anyone else's cat do this?

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My kid and her best friend (and best friend's sister) have movie nights every Friday alternating each other's houses. At the friend's house the mom always does a "snack bag" with candies and stuff. So I started to do "snack bags" too. I asked before for suggestions on what they have in it and they listed lots of candies. But I was previously under the impression that it might have a few candies and then maybe other things like pretzels or crackers or popcorn or peanuts or something. But they always groan at my snack bags for not being more candy. I finally asked what all do they have in theirs? They again listed their fave candies. So I clarified, that's it, JUST a bag full of candies? Yup. Just a bag full of candies.

So now I'm undecided that first of all I'm not the type to just buy and stock up on a whole bunch of candies to have on hand to make these mixed candy bags every week, (and somehow have kid not ask for candy all day every day in between movie nights). I just don't like having a candy store in the house. Out of sight, out of mind. Secondly I'm not the type to even agree that serving a whole bunch of candies without something else to round it off is even a good idea. At their house, fine, I'm flexible that she (and I) can have treats at other people's houses, but then home should be the neutral ground with fewer junk options and more nourishing options for an everyday basis.

So should I still keep giving my mixed bags to offer nuts and crackers amongst candies that they groan at (and often only eat the candy from and leave the rest), sell out and buy an unreasonable amount of just candy, or just not even serve snack bags after all?
TV - Yiddle Sip

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My boyfriend and I were planning a trip to DC for this weekend, which was to include the museums and memorials. Since the government shut down, we're having to revamp our plans. So far, we are planning on going to Busch Gardens Sunday, then travelling north, stopping by Stratford Hall, and going to Mt. Vernon and Old Town Alexandria.

What would you recommend we do on this trip, aside from what I've listed? We are trying to fill Monday through Wednesday (driving back Wednesday evening). Specifically, what in Old Town Alexandria would you recommend we do?

Also, my boyfriend suggested we go to the Eastern Shore, but we're not sure what we'd do there. Has anyone done anything fun on the Eastern Shore? What would you suggest?

DK/DC: What was the last trip you went on?

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Hi there!

I've been watching Season 2 of American Horror Story (because I don't have cable and am therefore behind), and just watched episode six. I'd now like to just huddle in a corner in fetal position for a while. But this inspired a question.

What is the most disturbing movie/book/tv show/whatever that you've ever seen/read/listened to/whatever?

As I think about it, for me it's Blue Velvet, and I guess American Horror Story didn't outdo that, but oh my god.