October 9th, 2013

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You've been put in charge of hiring a new employee for your company or, if unemployed/self-employed, the last company you worked at. Which of the following would you consider unprofessional/a major strike against them, if candidate showed up with for the interview?

Massive, shaped side-burns
70's style pornstache
large afro
Waist length hair not tied back in a man
completly shaved bald in a woman
Moderately thick moustache in a woman
mohawk hairtyle
waist-length braided beard
man with long hair worn in an updo
amy winehouse style beehive
full on beard in a woman


US-centric question.

At what grade level do you think it is appropriate for the lowest level of math available to regular education students to be algebra?

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So my sweet husband bought me a brand new crock pot. (With owls on it!!!!! :D) He was even nice enough to put dinner in it.

However, he just told me that he didn't rinse the new crock pot before using it... He isn't a bit worried but I have all these fears that we will somehow be poisoned. :P

TQC, am I worrying for nothing? (Edited to add: I'm really good at worrying, so... :P)

No problem!

Does it bother you when you say "Thank you" and someone responds with "No problem!" instead of "You're welcome"? If so, can you explain why?

I say both, but I'm most likely to say "No problem!" when I've done something for which I feel thanks are excessive, something that's just basic decency. To me, it feels comically magnanimous to say "You're so very welcome" or "My pleasure" for something as simple and expected as not letting the door close on the person behind me. However, I keep encountering "No problem!" as a pet peeve for some people, and I'm curious as to why that is. Is it just about preserving the traditional script of "Thank you" - "You're welcome"? Or is there something actually offensive about "No problem"?

Do you ever say "No problem" instead of "You're welcome"? Do you think this is a generational thing?
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How often do you go out of your way to use coupons? Do you often buy things you don't need because you have a coupon and it's a good deal?

How honest are you when people ask how you are, especially in a customer-employee situation? Do you ever just say "hi" when people say "Hey how are you?"
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When was the last time you were impatient for something?

My friend's rabbit had baby bunnies and I can't wait till they're big enough to hold and love on! They're so cute and naked!

I'm not good with kids---help!!


I am driving two of my friends kids to school and back while she is in Trinidad with her husband and two youngest sons. The girl, who's 9, I am not very worried about. She's chatty and confident. The little guy though, who is 4, is really shy. They know who I am, but they don't know me well.

I think he is going to be upset regardless as he is a sensitive little guy and will miss his parents. He is a total mama's boy too. She did warn me that he might cry going to school. Is there anything I can do to make him feel more comfortable and/or keep him happy?

Bribing little kids is not below me, but I don't want to pump him (and his sister--gotta be fair!) with sugary treats every day, and that's the only thing I can think of.

Any ideas?

(If this were dogs, I would totally know what to do. Kids baffle me!)

DK/DC: What is your favourite condiment?

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If you have a garage, how many stalls is it and is it attached to your home?  What is in there?  How mortified would you be if a professional organizer showed up to inspect it?

ETA: Do you park your car in there?
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I have a 1 year old chihuahua/dachshund mix. He is super cute and pretty much everyone who comes into contact with him loves him.

One problem...he has issues when encountering dogs larger than him. My parents have a 13 year old mini-poodle and they get on really well (my pup mostly runs circles around my parents dog but there's never any aggression). Our neighbors have a small chihuahua and a lab mix puppy (probably about the same size as my dog now but clearly he will get bigger) and when we run into them outside all is good.

Larger dogs...that's another story. Today we encountered a young lab mix and my neighbor and I let the boys get to know each other (smell each other and what not). While doing so the other dog kinda stepped over my dog (my dog was underneath him). Well Simon (my dog) freaked out. Started barking and growling crazy.

Why does this only happen with larger dogs? Does my dog have an "I'm little" complex? I'm relatively new to this dog-mom stuff so please forgive the stupid question.