October 7th, 2013

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I'm writing a personal statement and am talking about facing depression?

I have this line: ""I am stronger now after battling my inner demons."

What could i say instead of "inner demons" as I don't want to sound too cliched or dramatic?
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For those in a long distance relationship, which is harder when you get to see each other; you returning to your residence, or them returning to theirs?

I just made a weekend trip to see my man and leaving is very hard.. But when he comes to see me and then goes back to work, it's easy.. Well, easier anyways..
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My friend says that I am more self-conscious than most people.  But I'm wondering how true that really is.

So if you don't mind, it would be really helpful to know.

How often are you . . .

1.  Mildly embarrassed?  (Blush a little or "feel naked").

2.  Moderately embarrassed?  (Can't wait to leave the room, have a hard time forgetting about it)

3.  Extremely embarrassed?  (Perhaps the better word is "humiliated."  You almost literally want to die, and would consider avoiding indefinitely the people in front of whom you had this experience)

When it comes to embarrassment in general . . .

4.  How long after being embarrassed do you remember the moment and cringe?  Hours?  Days?  Years?

5.  Are you ever embarrassed by strange things that wouldn't necessarily make another person self-conscious?  Like what?

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I'm looking for a place to host my son's 3rd birthday.  My house will technically be fine but I will have JUST had a baby AND hosted my immediate family for Christmas so I'm trying to not expose what will probably already be a huge mess to everyone else.  I was hoping for near free but if the place is really awesome, I'd pay a little to reserve it.

I first checked into the clubhouse for my community.  We have HOA dues that pays for it plus our playground and pool.  Damn thing has a $30 "processing fee", a $75 nonrefundable cleaning fee (even though the contract explicitly states I have to take care of my own crap), AND a $200 deposit (which will be returned to me after a walk through).  So I'm out $105 for a small air conditioned building that I already pay annual dues for.  Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else?

So.  The real question is, if I'm going to spend $105 just for a space anyway, can you help me think of some more fun places where I might be able to have his birthday party?  I have no problem providing the food & decorations myself and I can totally pick up and throw away my own trash.  I live in a Houston suburb, if that helps, so I have most types of options available *somewhere* in the city.

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Yesterday, my absolutely lovely six-year-old sister poked me in the tummy and said with mild surprise, 'you're fat!! Can I have a look?'

When was the last time you heard a child say something honest but ridiculously blunt?

Read the question before answering, and be honest

You're on a first date. It's going well. He/she is amusing and you're hitting it off, and they are attractive. Then you notice it, or maybe your date points it out. A physical imperfection/shortcoming that you hadn't noticed when you were asked out. Which of these physical 'differences' could you overlook, which you could proceed to following dates? Anything you don't check it's because the physical 'difference' is too weird for you, and like it or not, it's kind of a dealbreaker

Missing leg, up to the hip. Prosthetic
Two missing legs, up to the knees. Prosthetics
Entire back is scarred from a fire. Burn damage, skin grafts. The texture is odd, and covers their entire back
Vestigial tail. It's about 6 inches. Just hangs there, limply
Vestigial tail. It's about 6 inches. Actually 'wags' when they get excited
Conjoined twin body part. In the womb, they absorbed their twin, and all that remains is a small hand protruding from their back
Missing hand. Wears a somewhat convincing prosthetic.
Glass eye
Lazy eye. It's distractingly lazy. You wonder how you didn't notice it when you were being asked out
Really large genitalia. Either a horse-like penis, or a wide-set vagina
Very small genitalia. Either a 3 inch penis or a very compact vagina, where intercourse is very painful to her
Missing most of his/her teeth. Wears dentures
Two cauliflower ears. Your date used to be a boxer
Your date has 2 stretched ear lobes, with large gauged jewelry set within.
When your date was a teen, was in a gang and served time. Now is sober, educated and mature, but his entire torso is covered in gang tattoos.

Note: apologies to anyone, if you suffer from any condition mentioned above, or know someone who is suffering. Not trying to belittle the challenge you or a loved one must face. Simply seeing how well people can overlook the physical when romance is on the horizon.

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So, I walked around for a few hours in wet filthy jeans (it started pouring rain at the worst moment), and now I have this bright red rash in the creasey upper area of my thigh. There's no pain or itching. I've never had this happen, but then again I don't make a habit of walking around in wet jeans. Is this a common thing? I'm just worried because I just finished a round of Cipro and I'm concerned it could be a.. much nastier rash.
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Halloween Candy

I saw that Sam's Club has boxes of mini-size microwave popcorn packets, packaged for Halloween giveaway treats.

Is this a good thing to give? If you got this in your loot, would you be happy? What do you give out for Halloween?

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If you had been in this coffee shop, do you think you would have dropped your bagel?

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Do you have any prank videos that make you laugh, that you will share here? This one always make me laugh so much I cry a little at the last woman.

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I think my cat might have pink eye? He's never had it before ever (none of my three cats have, oddly enough). But his right eye is pretty squinty tonight. There doesn't seem to be any discharge or pus coming out of it (otherwise I'd definitely take him to the emergency vet) beyond some slight tearing. I'm certainly going to keep an eye on it, and if it gets worse, I'll take him right away, but if it doesn't improve, would it be okay to wait until Thursday to take him to the vet? I don't drive and I'm working until 8 or 9 the next two nights (from 11:30 in the morning). Planning on having my SO drive us to the vet on Thursday if things don't improve. How concerned should I be? I'm such a worried cat mom!
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Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have you always been this way or is it due to circumstances (like kids or work schedule)?

Do you do anything special before bed? Do you have a nighttime routine? If so, describe it.

What size bed do you have and do you share it with another person/people?

What color are your sheets/blankets?

Clearly I have sleep on my mind. :D