October 4th, 2013


Burnt out

TQC, I am feeling really burnt out. I know it's kind of spoiled for me to say so because I still have an opportunity to escape (i.e. no children or anything really tying me down), but still I can complain.

What do YOU do when you need the ultimate escape because you are feeling so burnt out?

More detail: So I am really interested in climate change and environmental issues, but recently it's all been realy overwhelming me to the point of legit panic attacks. I want it to be/it is my career, but I feel I need a break before I throw up my arms and quit/run away to raise chickens on an island. I'm not ready yet to become a recluse.

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What do you like about airline travel?

what do you dislike about airline travel???

If you had to guess which country I am in right now......where would you guess???

Tot ziens

***ding ding ding...it in indeed the Netherlands.
Tomorrow the tropical heat of the desert in Dubai
take the cannoli

Welcome to the new age.

1. Are you at all concerned that certain types of foods from Japan are radioactive due to exposure to the water that is leaking out of Fukushima? Are there any foods that you have stopped eating because of it?

2. What do you think Japan should do about the continued leaking of radioactive material that is polluting the Pacific Ocean as well as much of the land in that area of Japan? Do you think that Japan is currently doing all that it can to limit the impacts of this disaster?

3. DK/DC: On a scale of 1-10, how stressed out are you currently and why?

4. DK/DC 2: How much sleep daily do you get on average?


I'm a super casual gamer (if you could call it even that), but I'm considering buying either a PS3 or an Xbox 360. I really liked GTA 3 back in the day, and V looks pretty awesome. I also kinda want skyrim eventually, too. (Basically, I love sandbox games. I maybe officially completed like five percent of GTA 3, but I loved just running around and doing stuff. My last game obsession was minecraft.)

Which platform would you recommend? Is one normally cheaper? Is just the PS3 also a blu-ray player? I'm like sixty percent sure I don't really care about Xbox live/online play stuff, but should I? If the current server issues get fixed, is that subscription worth it?
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At what temperature is it appropriate to start wearing boots?
At what temperature is it necessary to switch from a light leather jacket to a fairly warm pea coat?

What should I do with the green cabbage that's sitting in my fridge?
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Habitat for Humanity

We are remodeling our kitchen. We decided to give everything out of our old kitchen to Habitat for Humanity. I'm talking quite a few thousand dollars worth of goods all in working order: cabinets, granite counter tops, microwave, cooktop, double ovens, dishwasher, etc.

I had an appointment for them to pick up the stuff at 1:30 today. It's now 2:00, so I called to find out what their ETA is. The person at the restore got snide with me and told me that they'd pick up when they could. I said that was fine and dandy, but I couldn't wait all afternoon for them. I asked for a more specific time than "when they could." She gave me the cell of the truck driver.

I call the truck driver, and he tells me, "Oh, yeah, we decided to put someone else ahead of you because she had a tight schedule." I explained that I cannot wait all afternoon either and that I was scheduled for 1:30. Driver said, at 2:00 mind you, that he still had half an hour more work to do and then had to drop the stuff off at the warehouse before coming here. I asked when he thought he could be here. He said maybe an hour. I told him that would be fine, but that I couldn't wait much longer than that. I also told him that I was disappointed that I had to call him in order to find out that he would be an hour and a half later than my appointment. He gave it, "I'll come when I can." No apology.

So I guess this bad service comes with a question (will post to bad_service and TQC). If they aren't here by 3:30 or so which would be half an hour later than the hour they just told me and 2 hours later than my appointment, should I call them and cancel the pick up? I'm sure there are tons of other charities that would love a complete kitchen that will be slightly more grateful for the donation. Thoughts?

Edit: They showed up just before 4. I hope that somebody who needs a kitchen gets one and can cook in good health for a long time to come.


Okay poll for you guys since a debate came up on a poll on my personal journal.

For the space of context this is regarding New York City (i.e. a high demand apartment housing location) in an excellent location public transporation wise.

You have two bedrooms.

One is large enough to hold a king size bed, a double door closet, as well as room for dressers, desks and other furniture. The windows face the backyard and it's adjacent to the bathroom.

The other bedroom is at the other end of the apartment, can fit a twin size bed in the room at MOST, lacks a closet and depending on how much space you'd want to be able to walk around in the room you'd have to choose carefully a desk and dresser for the room. Additionally, on the ground floor it's the room that faces the street, next to the front door of the building. So you can always hear everyone entering and leaving the building.

How do you think rent should be split in an apartment like this? 50/50? I'm thinking like at least 55/45 or 40/60 even considering the vast differences in the rooms. What would be your thoughts. I'm the one looking to rent a room in my apartment if you were wondering. And I'm trying to figure out which room I should rent, like if I should move into the smaller room and offer the larger room to someone so I could ask for a higher amount.


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Based on some posts/comments on here it seems a lot of us deal with anxiety in one form or another.

What sort of anxiety do you have and how long have you had it? Have you found it's gotten better with time or worse? Are/have you been on medication? What sort of symptoms do you feel? Which would you say is your worse symptom? Are you open with others about your anxiety?

Until recently no one knew about mine. A panic attack set it off to become so bad I couldn't hide it anymore. Mine seems to make me feel sudden nausea at its worse, which realllly sucks because I have emetophobia. :\

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A lady from an agency emailed me asking if I'd be interested in a job. I said yes and she gave me some more details. I think I've applied to the company before (I'm not 100% sure - she hasn't given the name of the company but it's working in the same subject area and same town AND they have a vacancy posted on their website) and been rejected, do I tell her? I applied in June and was rejected because of test results.

I don't want to waste her (and my) time, but I don't want to waste an opportunity either!

DK/DC: Do you snooze your alarm? How many times on average?

Another Tech Question! Yay!!

Okay TQC, answer another one of my tech questions :D

I like to get my recipes online but having my laptop in the kitchen is a bit of a pain. I'd like a tablet or something that I could prop up in my kitchen while working on a recipe (also, I think it'd be handy to have while I'm nursing too as sometimes reading on my iPhone makes my eyes cross). An iPad would be WAY out of my league... but I was thinking maybe the Kindle Fire (the not HDX version - the one that's like $150. If the Paperwhite would do it, I'd be just as happy with that, but alas...)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

DK/DC - Do you use Pinterest and do you feel like it gets horribly disorganized? What do you pin mostly? When I started I just made boards willy-nilly but now I realize I can't find half of what I pinned and I really haven't pinned that much :P I'm thinking I must do a hardcore reorganization. I pin recipes, random crafty things (all on a board title "Crafts I'll Never Do" because I like to be self-aware and it's also a challenge. I'm weird), and funny pictures I find on the internet.
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Website Hosting question

So I want to help this small game store that my boyfriend goes to with their website. They currently have nothing up, but she owns the domain through CheapDomain. I'm not positive if she's still paying for hosting through them.
My idea was to go through WordPress because they're easy to use, and I can do it from home, instead of having to use Publisher in the store (which is what the owner said I could do if I wanted, but their computer is like 15 years old so it's horrible to use).

Any idea how to go about transferring the hosting and domain to Wordpress from CheapDomain?
I'm decently tech savvy but know nothing about web hosting and stuff like that.

DK/DC: What website do you visit every day, other than email/social media?
celeb - Nicki creep

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Do you know anyone who shares the same first and last name as someone famous or semi-famous?

Or, are there any names you can't stand because of someone you really dislike with that name? Please tell us about how horrible that person was.