October 2nd, 2013

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For those of you who work out at a gym, what do you do/eat/drink right before you go to the gym? What do you bring with you to the gym? What do you do right after you're done at the gym?

What's your favorite kind of fish to eat? What's your favorite dinner dish to order when you go out to a restaurant that has fish in it?

For those of you who don't have/live with kids, do you own crayons?
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I'm about to start a regular weekend babysitting job for a sixteen year old girl with asperger syndrome. Her parents found me on sittercity.com and I have a meeting with them this weekend. The ad said the girl is high-functioning, but I want to make sure I am sensitive to the sensory issues related to this condition.

Any advice for me? I will be doing some research of my own online but I'm also looking for input from anyone with personal experience :)
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Does anyone have good suggestions for a healing base coat for fingernails? My nails are a wreck because the top layers basically peel off and make my nails super weak. I'm currently using Zoya's ridge filler but it just makes my nails smoother, it doesn't help heal them. Any suggestions?

If not, will you share your current favorite nail polish?

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TQC, help me stock my bar!

I've been really into craft cocktails and fancy drinks lately, but there is so much out there that it's hard to know where to start! I definitely want to pick up a bottle of Rhuby (Rhubarb liqueur), a bottle of Creme de Violette and some pear liqueur. I have most of the basics, and St. Germain's Elderflower Liqueur, so what other liqueurs should I get? Are there any brands that you highly recommend? What is your favorite gin? I JUST started drinking gin after years of thinking it was terrible (I had only ever tried it when it was accidentally given to me instead of vodka) but have only tried Hendricks, which is a little pricey for something that seems to be going so quickly.

What are your favorite alcoholic drinks? Bonus points for recipes!

My current favorite is something I tried at a nearby restaurant, seems to be something they came up with on their own so I played around with ratios until I could find something that seemed pretty close.
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Is your facebook feed full of posts about the ACA and the 28th Amendment?
My heart breaks. (for non-Americans, there are only 27 Amendments to the US Constitution.)

What's the last thing to make your eyes twitch?
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What was your worst interview experience? Job, school, whatever. Any bad interview story is fine.

I have an interview in the morning and I think hearing horror stories will somehow make me less stressed since it's unlikely that mine will be anything awful.

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So, I've noticed that every time I am somewhere like Starbucks and go to use the complimentary wifi, it always seems like those times when I use a phone or tablet the Internet seems much faster than when i am on a proper laptop, even though I am accessing the same websites. Is there something about how these devices access the Internet that makes it so? Something about the nature of the wifi being offered? If anyone has the tech knowledge to explain this, assuming there is an explanation, I would be appreciative.
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Does anyone have any recommendations of films/TV series that might work for some genuine, unadulterated escapism?

What do you do when you are feeling poorly and will more than likely be holed up for a day or two?

(Also: recommendations can be anything except maybe gore or horror because this will be solo escapism .. and I am a wimp.)

This question is brought to you by rough week, in association with crappy weather, sponsored by lemon flavoured medicinal drink that is probably not widely consumed outside of UK/Ireland.
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I currently have Photoshop Elements 9. I've used the free programs, but honestly, I prefer PS. That said, I got Elements because it seemed pretty straightforward and I've enjoyed working with it.

Of course, I'm on the PS e-list and I got the e-mail advertising PSE 12. I got to browsing and started wondering about the pro version, Lightroom 5 (I'm not sure what to call it - pro/full?). I like to fiddle with my photos and I've found myself running into limits within PSE. The features are pretty straightforward and there's little ability to go in and mess with the internal workings (I'll find a tutorial of something I want to try and find that I can't alter settings - and then I'll see a mention that it doesn't work in PSE).

So my question is, if you've upgraded to PSE 12, do you find it more versatile, or should I think about switching over and getting Lightroom 5? (My mother wants to know what I want for Xmas and this has been brewing in the back of my mind.)

DK/DC - Will you share your feel good stories for the day? 
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I got pulled over a few weeks ago for rolling through a stop sign. My court date is tomorrow, but you have the option of paying online--so I went to do that, only they're having database errors. I can't make court in the morning because of my job. I sent an e-mail to the court clerk but I'm not hoping for a quick response...they're imbeciles. Any idea on wtf I should do next?

DK/DC: What is your favorite kind of soup?

edit: just tried again before going to bed--it worked! sweet relief!