October 1st, 2013

My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

What About This Rug?

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The only thing is, it has a musty smell in it. Not exactly a bad smell, just musty and my living room no longer smells right. This rug is way too big and heavy to hang up anywhere and air it. I've got a steam-cleaner but I'm afraid to use it because this is 100% virgin wool (as declared by the amazing trademark on the back of it) and I'm afraid the colors will bleed etc etc. I've been vacuuming it every day and trying to read up on what to do to get that smell out - some people say sprinkle baking soda, some people say don't do that because it will mat up the fibers, etc etc. I was kind of hoping the musty smell would just sort of gradually dissipate, but it hasn't yet and it's starting to bug me :/ I'm too cheap to have a professional come out here and deal with it (as yet, I might do that as a very last resort though).

What would you do, TQC?

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For those of you who have bought a home before:
-How many places did you look at before buying?
-Did any offer get rejected, and if so, did you put in another offer? What happened?


What movie are you looking forward to?
I can't believe that the next movie I want to see doesn't come out until November 1st! (Ender's Game)

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Is there ever a time where violence is acceptable? When/under what circumstances?

ETA: Are there any times where violence is acceptable, even though it can not be said that the violence was truly in self-defense?

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How do you deal with people who repeat themselves a lot? Words, sentences, stories... And I don't mean once in a while, I mean all the fucking time. 'A couple weeks ago I got a dog from the shelter, I got a dog and it's the best dog. She's the best, even though she chews on my shoes. I love, love, love, love her to bits, we got her from the shelter. The shelter!' And then you hear the same story for weeks. And it happens with basically anything they say. Even if you tell them you know, they still tell you the story again.

What do people around you do that annoys you?
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have you ever tried to save a stray/wild animal? if you saw a cat or dog that was in a lot of distress would you try to save it?

we've been feeding this stray cat for the last couple of weeks and he came home with a broken paw the other day. we finally got him in a cage and brought him to the vet for treatment but it turns out he had feline AIDs which is super contagious (mostly transmitted through bite wounds, which this guy had in his back legs and front leg which caused the disuse of his paw) so my mom had him put to sleep :(

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have you ever worked somewhere where 1 or 2 people were clearly treated as favorites and given unfair advantages over others in the same role?

I'm going through that right now and it really sucks.. it's making me consider finding a new job.
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I have this recipe for beef soup that calls for "gravy beef" to make the stock. I have never heard of gravy beef before and so far my attempts at Googling it have turned up lots of recipes for gravy and forum from Australia where people were talking about using gravy beef in casseroles.

What on Earth is "gravy beef?" If I can't find it for sale at the grocery store and the butchers there don't know what it is (which I think is highly likely), what could I use in its place? I've gotten the impression that it's supposed to be a cheaper cut of beef that's best used in recipes that require slow cooking, and also saw a reference to it being really fatty, but that's as far as I've gotten.
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Songs and Such

so, you've got your favorite band, your favorite singer, your favorite couple of whatever.

and they've probably got a song or two that you've heard on their b-sides, albums, hidden tracks, whatnot, etc that the general populace hasn't heard.

what's the weirdest song your favorite musician has done? you know, the one where they went out on a limb, tried something new, something that stuck out from the album - whether it worked or not. something out of character, something out of norm, something they probably never did again. TELL ME, PLZ.

thanks guys.

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what are you dressing up as for Halloween? are you or have you ever done a couple or group costume? (pictures?!)

I'm excited because this year some friends and I are dressing up as the main characters from Bob's Burgers (I will be Linda).

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Backstory: My boyfriend and I have been seeing each for two years. He was born in Eastern Europe, his parents immigrated to the states when he was a young boy. He has mentioned in the past that his mother isn't thrilled about our relationship (I'm black); I figured that if I met her in person it would relax her. Anyway, this summer I spent a few weeks with him and his family. She seemed to truly like me, we bonded on some level (I went with her to traffic court, she bought me underwear) and I left feeling that all was well.

Fast forward to last night. She sent me a text saying that we needed to talk. I called her immediately and she said about a thousand tremendously hurtful things - that she likes me but she doesn't think that I understand her culture, that my boyfriend ultimately needs to be with someone of his own heritage. She kept saying that while she didn't "personally have a problem with me", she doesn't think anything could ever come of our relationship and that we should stop. I didn't quite know how to deal with what was happening; so I told her that I was sorry if I did anything to offend her but that I needed to go.

She just sent me a text saying that she was sorry for the "difficult but truthful" conversation last night. She also asked for my address so she can send me a bracelet and another piece of jewelry that I apparently left behind; and wished me "all the best" in my future endeavors.

TQC: Help? Should I say anything back? And if so, what?  I'm kind of baffled that she felt the need to contact me again.

Have any of you gone through anything similar? How did you deal with it?


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Despite living in the US I have a severe mistrust for any news source which isn't one I grew up with, so I'm kind of stuck on UK news.
What the hell is going on in US politics so right now? And what is obamacare anyway? News sites are just confusing me further.