September 29th, 2013

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Last of the Weekend

Would you describe your Sunday routine if you have one?

Mine often involves a contribution to a vocabulary community, picking up a local paper, and helping out at Golden Gate Park (where we're having a problem with vandalism: killing saplings & smashing windows on historic buildings).

However, it's otherwise quite pleasant and a great way to commune with nature and humanity.

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So we're right now doing mini golf for my girls 9th birthday party. Wr told the parents 3 hours and its only been 1 and they're nearly sick of golf (the course was smaller than we anticipated) and we've already done cake. Any simple game ideas for around the table that wouldn't be too crazy to fill the time? I thought maybe telephone but what else. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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If someone says they want to do something in a couple of days, how many days is a couple to you? How many is a few?

Have you ever shown up somewhere at the wrong date/time/place because of an error in communication? What happened?
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Warm Stuff

My son and I  are trying to determine how many jackets people own. Also, is the term outerwear or outwear?

How many warm outerwear tops do you own? This includes sweaters, flannels, jackets, hoodies, coats and other outwear. Exclude jackets that are part of a suit.

If you have some, will you post pictures of yourself in a jacket, sweater or other outerwear? Alternatively, you could post a picture of a jacket that you would like to own.

I own a down jacket, a camouflage jacket, four polar fleece jackets and a Land's End fleece-lined windbreaker.


Chest pain

Can anyone help me? For the past few months, I've been getting severe chest pain when I eat. It's not a burning, more a tightening or clenching and not central, it's up in an arc towards the left side of my chest, almost an arc around the top of my breast. Does anyone have idea what this might be? I have a cardiology appointment coming up but so far doctors tell me it's IBS, which I don't believe one bit. Some days I can't eat at all in the evening because it hurts so bad and some days not at all all day, it's very disruptive. Has anyone else had something like this?

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I got my first katana today!

1) Would you rather fight with a broadsword/Western-style sword or a katana/Asian-style sword?

2) What's the biggest challenge you've given yourself that you've successfully completed? I'm trying to cut out refined sugar in my diet, especially candy. I've made it four days so far and I've had one oreo, but I was seriously addicted and while it's definitely not as hard as quitting alcohol or smoking the cravings are pretty annoying.
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Halloween Costume Ideas?

I want to dress up for Halloween this year, and I've had some ideas in my head... But I'm not sure what I can do, given the schedule I'm going to be facing.

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So the question I'm asking is... What should I wear for Halloween? I live in New England (CT), so it'll be sort of cold - especially since I'll be outside for long periods of time. I also have to carry around a bag for my books. Please take those factors into consideration. Thanks!

Coat opinion

TQC, my old winter coat is almost 5 years old and I think it's time to get a new one. Old winter coat was a black wool peacoat.

Should I get another peacoat (black or dark blue) or a car coat (camel)?

Peacoat pros: I know I like the style, double breasted coats look good on me, closes all the way up to the neck when necessary, covers my hips (important because I have a bad joint and the cold can really exacerbate it), available in dark colours, which I prefer.

Peacoat cons: omg, another peacoat, seriously?

Car coat pros: A change can be nice, it's longer so it'll cover more of my legs (knees are also kinda iffy).

Car coat cons: Camel colour, which I'm not super thrilled about. Doesn't close up to the neck very well. Reminds me of being a gawky late-teen-early-twenty, which was the last time I owned a car coat.

DK/DC/NO: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


there's a guy I've been seeing 2-3 times a week for the past month and 1/2. we're just friends with benefits, which is fine with me as neither of us want a relationship right now. we both see other people and I'm cool with that, but I've found that lately when he tells me about other girls I get a pang of jealousy. I guess this means I am developing feelings for him, despite my efforts not to :(

I'm torn on if I should tell him something like "hey I'm cool with us not being exclusive, but I don't really want to hear about other girls you're seeing". I don't want to ruin what we have now, and I also don't want him to feel like he can't confide in me as we consider each other friends. but.. I also can't shut off how I feel.

What should I do??