September 27th, 2013


Food for Dogs

So how do I decide which dog food to buy for my dog?

I tend to avoid brand names, because I know that a big part of the price is the cost of the advertising that gets me to buy the food. I mean, putting together a food for dogs that gives them what they need isn't rocket science, is it?

So is it okay to go with the cheapest? I tend to think it makes sense to go with the brands at feed stores because, hey, farmers want their animals to stay healthy but also want the best bang for their buck. But what do I know?


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Can you tell me about your home reno experiences?

I'm moving tomorrow to a house that needs a lot of work.
What do you think should be my priority:

Should I put subfloor down in the basement and make it a functional space? Right now the floor is a pockmarked cement floor.

I personally wont be down there much but my husband wants to set up a space for entertaining his gaming buddies and a guest room. The basement has a full bathroom and we're having my SIL stay over Christmas holidays with her partner. Otherwise they're stuck upstairs in the living room where all the action is/wont have any privacy from my three kids and us).


Should I carpet my kids rooms? The hardwood needs to be refinished in the worst way (can't afford to refinish the wood atm) as the previous owners glued carpet down on the hardwood, tore it up and left it full of glue and rough spots. If we don't carpet it then we'll just throw down the biggest area rugs from a wholesaler we can get for a reasonable price.

Don't care? You monster!
What's the last thing you bought?

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One of my friends is dating a guy and I just found out that said guy is also dating one of my cousins friends. Do I tell my friend? If so.. How?
If we wer eon good terms I would tell her right away but we are currently not speaking.. although I do still care about her, I think it is time for our friendship to end.

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1. What are your favorite type of TQC posts?
2. Least favorite?
3. Favorite recent posts?
4. Favorite posts EVER?
5. Favorite members?
6. Favorite members that have vanished into thin air real life probably Tumblr, who are we kidding?
ETA BONUS QUESTION: How many of your friends are also TQC members?

Or, since it's the weekend, after all..

3. What are the posts that remind of the good times?
4. What are the posts that remind you of the better times (better times)?
animal crackers

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Are you an organ donor? Do you give blood regularly? Do you donate hair? Do you volunteer somewhere?
Edit: If you are not an organ donor, why not?

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in protective angels or spirit guides? Do you believe in G-d? If so, share your beliefs.

DC/DK: What's your favorite color?