September 26th, 2013

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Medicine cabinet alternative

For those who don't have a medicine cabinet, where/how do you store and organize all your various medicines?

Our old house had a medicine cabinet in the master bath, so I could just stuff our various Vicks/Robitussin/Mucinex/Tylenol/etc. that you collect over various sicknesses into there. Now our new place just has the countertop and cabinets underneath (no drawers) and aside from just literally shoving them willy-nilly into the cabinet beneath I don't have any ideas on how to keep them organized and together.

Right now I'm leaning toward just buying a plastic bin from Walmart and just putting them all in there, but I'm interested to hear what others have done.
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Another freezing question

I am on a roll with freezing food, hah.

The eggs I like are on serious sale.  Can I freeze them?  Google says yes but I need to crack them open first?  Does anyone have any actual experience with this?

It is surreal how much $$ I have been saving on my grocery bill by buying items on clearance because they are about to go past their "fresh" date and then freezing whatever I can't use right away.  Anyone else do this?

DK/DC : If you go to the county fair, what is your favorite part?
Paradigm Shift

What demands can you accept for a new job? Read the question carefully

Congratulations! You've been offfered a $40/hour job! With every job possiblity, there's always pros and cons, positives and negatives. Which of these job sacrifices/demands would you make/accept for a $40/hour job? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that the demand is too large and you wouldn't accept the job.

Job hours are from 5am-2pm
Job hours are from midnight - 9am
Days of employment are Wed-Sun. Your days off are Mondays and Tuesdays
Job location is 40 miles away
Job is located 3 hours away. You'll most likely have to relocate to the area, but still close enough to visit friends and family on weekends
The job is 12 hours away. You'll definitely have to relocate and you probably won't be able to visit friends and family more than a few times a year
Very stressful job. You've been warned in advance what the rigors of the job will be
You will have to be married to your job. You'll have to take work home with you nightly
Your desk will be in a tight cubicle. There will be 50 other cubicles in the same room as you. Little privacy, you'll have to interact with coworkers a lot
Your desk is isolated. You'll be alone on your floor. Little human contact every week. You'll see your supervisor once a week for an hour, and that's usually all the people you deal with
Job has a strict dress code. Conservative attire. No jewelry, visible tattoos, dyed hair. Light makeup at best
The business is somewhat related to the sex industry. You have a desk job in an office, but you have to wear a mini skirt to work
Your job happens to be the same company your ex works at. You'll work on the same floor
Your job has a sketchy, seedy side to it. A lot of your clients have ties to organized crime. One part of your company's division is actively doing something illegal
You meet the office. Your boss admits he's a born-again christian. Everyone in the office is as well. They all go to the same church. They promise not to proselytize to you, but they make that promise in a joky kind of way

Tumblr add-on

So I heard there was some sort of add on for Tumblr that will only show notes with comments/text and filter out the ones that are just reblogs or likes or whatever. Anyone know what it is or where to get it?

What annoys you most about Tumblr?

With me it's the having to scroll past all the notes which are just likes and comment-less reblogs to get to the reblogs with commentary/dicussion in them, some posts have in the region of 30,000+ notes

nonsrs question about my weird neighbor

My neighborhood is right next to an apartment complex and over the last few months I've noticed there seems to be one asshole over there who consistently honks their horn beyond what is considered acceptable. It probably happens more than I've noticed since I can only hear it when I'm sitting in my office, but I've noticed it at least 3-5 times. Whoever it is just honks their horn excessively (not like holding it down, but keeps tapping it) on and off for like a half hour. They usually tap on the horn for at least 20 seconds and sometimes it goes on for up to a few minutes at a time.

WTF do you think is going on over there?

For srs, I would be fucking pissed if I lived over there and someone kept doing that. It's pretty annoying from all the way over where I am.
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Access/ Excel 2007 question

I am not especially great at the intricacies of computers, but I am decent enough at using them. I probably take 10 times longer than I need to because I am usually figuring it out as I go, but I get the job done eventually (usually).

I recently made an access database and then used excel to get certain info from that database. It was working fine on Monday. I showed my boss how to "refresh" and it updated the tables fine.

Today I come in and it's saying "Could not find installable ISAM" whenever I try to refresh.

I tried googling it, and it looks like its very complicated to resolve. I come here in the hopes that someone can tell me a quick fix to try? 

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Hey, tqc!

I've known since I started seeing my boyfriend, about eight months ago, that he had had a mole removed a few years ago that was pre-cancerous. While giving him a back massage a few nights ago, he asked if he had a mole in a specific spot and if I could describe it to him. I did so and he told me that that was a new mole and he was worried about it, but dropped the subject.

I went over to his place last night and he told me that he's having trouble finding a doctor in our area that will take his insurance, but that's really scared about the new mole and wants it biopsied. He told me that after he had the first mole removed, his doctor had told him that it was likely he would keep having problems with moles and to keep a close eye. He's so upset, tqc, and I don't know how to talk to him about it. He was telling me that he was scared this would be the rest of his life- finding new moles, waiting for biopsies, and eventually finding out they didn't catch it soon enough. What do you even say to that?

I want to reassure him that everything will be okay, but obviously, I can't know that. What would be comforting to you in this situation? What would you say? 

Wedding Guest

I'm going to a wedding at the end of November.
It's a wedding that starts at 4:30 p.m. and goes into the evening.

Help me decide what to wear? I have 4 ideas under the cut.
If you have more ideas I'd love to see.

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How emotionally sensitive are you? I find people's rudeness really offensive and *almost* get my feelings hurt, or at least find stuff hard to quit thinking about.

Like earlier, there was a vehicle broken down in the right lane of traffic, so it was all being merged into the left lane. I had my signal on to get over, and cars wouldn't move, so I slowed down even more. Then this Mercedes driver starts slowing down more and putting space between her and the car in front of her, so I think she's trying to let some people over. Seeing this as my opportunity, I sped up and starting merging over (there were like 2 car lengths in between, and they were moving about 10 mph or less). Well, this woman in the Mercedes clearly starts to speed up to close the gap, once I'm already merging in the lane. Then she starts blowing her horn at me like crazy. She was purposely trying NOT to let me over, when I thought right the opposite.

Then I pull off to get some lunch in a local grocery store deli, and the 2 deli ladies are talking. I walk up to the deli counter and apparently interrupt their convo, so this young lady walks behind the deli and just stares at me from behind the counter and doesn't even speak. Then tries to make me feel like an idiot when I ask what comes on the meat and vegetable plates (since there's no sign with meals/what you can order/how many sides/prices etc). I really hate when people act like you are inconveniencing them by expecting them to do their job.

Am I extra sensitive?

Are you sensitive too?

Does rudeness (especially from someone supposed to be providing a service for you) bother you or are you able to shrug it off and not think much of it?

When was the last time you had to deal with someone's rudeness?

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I just moved to Delaware and need opinions on the ice cream places I've seen in the area. The main one's I've seen are Tastee Freez, Dairy Queen and Baskin Robins/31 Flavors.

I've had Dairy Queen before and enjoy it, I haven't had Baskin Robins in about 15 years and I've never had Tastee Freeze. So where do I go? Feel free to recommend other places

Techy question

Ughhh I hate techy questions but Google has failed me.

I have the legal, genuine Adobe Master Collection CS5 installed on my laptop, running Windows 7. Said laptop is dying and I am buying a new one. It has Windows 8. Does anyone know if CS5 can be installed on Windows 8? I am getting conflicting answers. Also, I can't afford to rebuy the software, someone said I can just put it on my new computer, but I don't know how?

Anyone help? I am such a techno noob :(


I just booked flight tickets to Osaka in March and I'm pretty excited, ngl.

I'm also going to Berlin in a week for a concert and some sightseeing. In addition, I'm planning to visit Zurich for the 1st time in October.

Are you planning on travelling somewhere? Where? When? Why? Excited?

IDK/IDC/No money: have you ever used couchsurfing and/or airbn? Experiences?


What's the worst experience you've ever had at a restaurant or a fast food place? Have you been back since, and if so, have they improved? If the worst customer service you received wasn't at a restaurant, where was it and what happened?