September 24th, 2013

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What's your favorite magazine? Why is it your favorite?

What was the last thing that you looked up on Wikipedia? Will you share a bit about it?

What's your favorite selzter flavor?

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My husband and I won't be able to make it to Christmas this year-the first time ever. He hasn't had a job in months, we live three+ hours away, it's just not in the cards. He is a super family kind of guy though.

I had a thought-why not invite everyone up to our place for a Christmas dinner? Not on Christmas but close to. His family, my family-everyone. Originally I thought a week before Christmas but then maybe first weekend of December would be best, though we haven't worked out any details yet.

Is this a stupid idea? Is it selfish to not go to our family's Christmas but then invite everyone to our place, thus making them travel?

We have a one bedroom apartment-it's small. It will be excessively crowded. How would you feel about traveling three hours to be in a crowded room of family?

Is this just a ridiculous idea? I mean, we'd have to spend money on food and stuff, unless we went out to dinner-and gifts-which would be more money.

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I came down with a pretty hardcore ear infection on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and my ear canal is still swollen shut. The only relief is get is if I tug on my ear to open it up, but I don't want to keep touching my ears and the pain is still incredible. I am on pain medication along with antibiotics. *I also have two ear drops, medicated and (supposedly) numbing AND I have been taking ibuprofen to supplement the painkillers and to try to reduce the swelling. I have been using a hot compress to relieve the pain, which worked for a while but now I can't really feel anything but pain.

What can I do to at least get the swelling down?

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I'm looking to buy an iPhone, probably on Amazon. Just to double check, if its factory unlocked I can use any sim card in it and it will work on an international carrier, is that correct?
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For current/former preggos

When did you tell your parents you were pregnant? Did you do something special or did you just sit them down/call them up and be like, "hey, guess what?!"

I know some people wait until the end of the 1st trimester to make a more public announcement, but did you also wait to tell your parents then or did you do it earlier?

(I kind of want to wait since I'm 8 weeks already, but am also bad at keeping secrets. I'm thinking maybe after my 1st doctor appointment next week so I know that everything is going okay in there. This is my first pregnancy so I'm pretty paranoid something is going to go wrong.)
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I have a groupon for a local cake place that never got used for its original intended purpose, so now I have to order a cake for no reason (okay by me!). What should I have them write on the cake?