September 23rd, 2013

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TQC, I had a random memory, and now my brain wont let it go, and I can't finish the thought.

Does anyone know what movie, TV, video, or whatnot contains a line where one person says to another something along the lines of "stay with me"? I can't for the life of me remember anything else about it, but I feel like this person was dying or just confessed something or had some other serious thing going on.

ETA: I now think that it's from S7E15 of House. If anyone has a clip of House saying that to Cuddy, so I can confirm, I'd be forever grateful.

Where would I sell this?

My in-laws are hoarders. Like the kind you see on those TV shows. One thing that seems to be a common trait with hoarders, is while they don't want to get rid of stuff in general, for some reason they are okay giving it to family.

We've received dozens upon dozens of boxes of random shit. We've tried to scale back on the enabling and looking into ways to best be supportive.

But anyway, the trope is that many excuse holding on to stuff by saying "it'll be worth a lot someday". Most of it isn't. We've helped dispose of broken science fair project frames, bags of individual holey socks, and much more. Most stuff we've trashed, recycled, or donated.

But a few of the things? DO seem to be worth a lot. We received this enormous box of about 800 figurines, looked a few up, and some seem to be worth thirty or forty dollars each.
Even we were surprised once when they gave us a shitload of old board games. One was one for U.S. Presidents. We said, "Given how long they hold onto things, which president do you think this ends on?". Our guess of Johnson was wrong. It stopped at Eisenhower! After saying it was just a bit out of date we did decide to see what it was worth. Apparently quite a lot!
And much more.

Don't worry, we're not in danger of becoming hoarders ourselves. But we do feel we shouldn't leave some of this just on the curb. We're not looking to profit off their disorder and would likely give/share any profits with them (although probably without saying where it came from so as not to encourage them)

We don't know a lot about this stuff. What is our best bet? Get into it and learn eBay? Is there someone like an estate sale planner but for a smaller (but still decent sized) stash? Go to an antique shop?

Bug-eyed Earl

car insurance dispute

In January, I was leaving the grocery store parking lot. I stopped, looked left, right, left and turned left using my blinker. All of a sudden some dude is to the right of me blasting his horn. I didn't hit him but he swerved and supposedly bumped the curb and damaged something. Insurance found me at fault. I paid a fee to dispute that ruling and I'm going to the DMV to state my case this afternoon. I don't feel I'm at fault. I stopped and looked and thought I was safe. I don't know if he was speeding and got closer than I thought he would or if he was in my blind spot from the support between the door and windshield or what. I don't remember what I saw only that it was safe, or so I thought. What should I say? I know I shouldn't say I'm not sure what happened of course.

Another wedding question, sorry.

Do you know any people who turned into 'Bridezillas' (or the male equivalent I guess) when they were getting married? Tell me about them. Did their shitty/crazy behaviour stop after the wedding?

My cousin is getting married on saturday and she's turned into a total bitch. However, I need you guys to tell me if she's in the right about this.

The dress code is cocktail, but I bought a maxi dress, because I fell in love with it and most cocktail dresses are way too short on me (I'm 6ft, a lot of them look really inappropriate on me). When my cousin asked about my dress and I told her this she became incredibly pissed and went like 'Oh, really? I could've sworn the invitation said cocktail? Honey, didn't we put 'cocktail' on the invitations?' etc. Despite the fact it's long I really don't think it's inappropriate as a cocktail dress, it's a Ted Baker floral maxi dress, pinkish, not too formal at all. But is it?? Should I find another dress?
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Are there any films, television shows, or specific musicians that everyone around you seems to love but you cannot stand?

Brought to you by being told I'm "crazy" for not loving Modern Family like everyone supposedly does.

I gave it a shot and I actually hate it quite a bit.
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Do you work full time, part time, or not at all? If you don't work full time, is this by choice or would you move to full/part time (as applicable) if you could?

If you work multiple part-time jobs, is THIS by choice or would you rather have one full-time job with equivalent pay? If the latter, would you prefer one of your existing jobs to be full time, or to get a new job entirely?

Irritating voices

So I have a problem.

When I got together with my bf, he would do a lot of funny voices and say silly things that would make me laugh, and like I'd do them back sometimes. It was cute.

Now the silly voices and nonsense just get on my nerves. It started irritating me before I left, but especially now that I live overseas and we only get to talk on FaceTime or something a couple of times a week, whenever he starts doing voices I just feel like...I really don't have time for this. I'm calling to catch up on what's happening, not listen to stupid noises. This sounds like a really stupid problem written down but it's just getting way too much.

Should I tell him? How?
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If you own/operate a vehicle, how clean do you keep it?  How often do you wash the outside?  Vacuum the inside?  Painstakingly wipe the surfaces with armor-all and curse when you can't get into the crevices?

Care to share a picture of the current state of your vehicle?

I just spent way too much time cleaning my car.  I just want to go out and sit in it and enjoy the clean because I know in a week it will get dirty again and my son will manage to spill something.  I imagine it will go something like him wanting to climb into his seat with a dish of cheerios, spilling the cheerios, then stepping all over them as he continues to climb into his seat.

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My sister just left on vacation and I want to do something nice for her for when she returns home. Last time I went on vacation she planted a bunch of lovely annuals in my garden and had dinner prepared for me when I arrived. I'm going to buy some mums for her garden, but i'd like to do something more than that. Any suggestions? I know she's not gonna want food of any sort, and I helped her clean her house before she left so i'm totally stumped as to what else I can do!

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orange is the new black. what do you think?

what shall me and my boyfriend watch now we've finished the series?

what's the next show to be super popular and good?

will there ever be anything as good as prison break?

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yes it was only for the sex.

So the jerk just DUMPED me like TRASH! Been seeing this guy for about 2-3 months and we only see each other in middle of the week or frydays, and it was almost always in his place,  and well of course i wasnt happy about that, so we kinda talked last week I and asked him nicely what his deal, what's the problem.

Well now he just disappeared COMPLETELY, I whatsapp him yesterday and he IGNORED ME. really I'm feeling like crap, fuck him,  I dont deserve a reply??? I never been treated that way, I wasused and thrown away like a cheap whore, like a nobody, never been more humiliated in my life! And it's not like I'm a psyco who is always calling him or texting him, I barely call him!! I'm so mad i wish I could yell at him "WHO DO U THINK U ARE asshole, just be a man and say u are not interested or u have a girlfriend or something like that " but that would be only more humiliation right???

I'm mad with me too, cause Idk besides the weekend thing (actually he always had some excuse like (on call on hospital, trips with his parents, etc) and not taking me out he looked like a REALLY nice guy u know, kinda nerd, intelligent, we talked about a lot of thing,  first date we have dinner he was a gentleman, we only have sex after 3 or 4 dates idk, sure after that we always had sex but thats's the normal thing couples do no??? It didnt look like it was ONLY about sex.

 I was starting like him a lot and right now I'm feeling like a piece of shit, worst I cant do anyhting about it, can I?