September 21st, 2013

Changing clothes in the car

Do you ever change your clothes in the car?  If so, under what circumstances?  I do this fairly regularly between activities but try to at least give the parking lot a good visual sweep before doing it, and I definitely hunker down in my seat.  I won't do it if someone is in a nearby car.     
Some Joseph looking for a manger

Help me with my life, please

I am rock, I am an iiisland a lady without a support system. I don't speak with my family, I have a grand total of 1 friend. Alas, my friend has a life. I'm fine with talking with strangers, but strangers tend to have friends who don't want to randomly invite the weird lonesome girl into their friend-fold. Which is totally understandable. I'll just be over here, putting Joy Division on the jukebox while I understand.

I am also lady with few hobbies. I have things I like to do, sure! I have half of a story typed up, I have a skirt ready to be sewn together. I like sewing, I love writing. The idea of actually abandoning my bed to do those things? Excruciating. If I get depressed, I hover in a little black raincloud in my bed and cannot force myself to do anything. Anything. Unfortunately, I'm depressed not infrequently. I only do things if I somehow take myself by surprise.

My willpower and ability to meet not-creepy people in a non-creepy way need massive improvements.
Do you have any life tips for me, folks? I need some.

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What would you do if you recently found out your mentor just spent nine months in jail on child porn charges?

What would you do if you were most certainly going to run into him in a week?

He's a business owner in a similar field that I am looking to get into. There isn't another person I can talk to locally. 

Renting question

Lets say you are renting to own, until the house is paid off you cant make any huge modifications, we never discussed painting.

Your child gets hair dye on the white paint int he bathroom, you cannot get it off with scrubbing or magic eraser.

Do you call the landlord to inform him you intent to paint the bathroom with the same or similar shade of paint or do you just do it?

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This is somewhat inspired by the post below....and I know we've had these before...but..


this time last year I was 250 lbs...wearing size I'm pushing 165..and I just fit into a pair of size 12 jeans.


any major life changes lately? I'm fairly proud of myself...but now I need to go buy new damn near bras don't even fit.


what are you up to on this lovely Saturday night? the weather is nice and cool, so I think I'm gonna invite friends over for a bonfire.

bernerners in perjermers


Do you have any special dietary restrictions? If so, why do you have them (ie are they due to religion, medical condition, choice, etc.)?

DK/DC What are some of your favorite low-sodium recipes/dishes?

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How do I cheer myself up, TQC?
I have 8 months left in the USA. My boyfriend just left for Singapore for at least 6 months, and the social life here is mostly people from work. Its difficult to find out what's going on as there's so many different social circles, no one I majorly click with and more often than not I end up missing out on plans, doing nothing and feeling alone. Its making the LDR harder as I no longer have my go-to playmate. The whole situation is making me want to throw the towel in and go home/start a new adventure in Singapore.
I'm living on aphorisms and quotes at the moment so do you have any to give me or lovely examples of being in the same situation and it all working out?