September 19th, 2013

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I have an upper tooth and a lower tooth that need to be pulled (I don't have the money for fillings/crowns). My bottom teeth are scrunched up and pulling the small bottom tooth will probably not end up leaving a large gap after time, but I already have a gap in my top teeth and the bad tooth on the top is a large molar.

If I have the large molar pulled, is there a chance one of my wisdom teeth will make an appearance to fill the gap? Can it 'notice' the empty space? I'm 25 and they haven't emerged yet and aren't causing any pain, knock on wood.

Do teeth freak you out? They kinda freak me out.
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Is it just me or is this excerpt from my cosmetology textbook worded extremely badly??? And makes very little sense and is possibly wrong?

It reads,
"Parasites [bolded as if the following should define the word] are pathogenic bacteria, which live on or inside another organism called the host, and will survive on that host. These external insects survive on your blood whether burrowing under your skin like the itch mite or scurrying along your scalp like the head louse. The two types of parasites are: animal and plant."

It looks to me like the book defines parasites as bacteria, and then goes on to call them insects, and then defines two specific types: animal and plant, NEITHER OF WHICH are bacteria.

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When a really close friend or relative goes through a break-up, is it implied that no matter what they say about the ex, you have to agree?

What advice would you offer Person A, with whom you are very close, in this situation?
Person A & B were in a relationship for 2+ years. Person A is ready to get married and have kids. Person B envisions getting married *someday* and having kids *someday* but has been pretty clear that they aren't ready for this in the near future. Person A breaks up with Person B due to many many relationship issues, this being one of them, and moves out. Person B suddenly does an about face and tells Person A that they want to become engaged immediately, get married in under a year, and have children by around 2 years.