September 18th, 2013


For those of you that have travelled to, lived or currently live in The UK, France, Italy, or Belgium - if you could pick your top three things to do in whichever country, what would they be? Could be anything, from a specific restaurant, a whole town, museum, event... I know it's easy to google 'top three attractions/must-sees in ______' but I'm looking for your personal favourites, if you're willing to tell :)
(and by all means, if there's more than three, feel free to share!)

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I've never gone to a bridal shower before.

One of my friends from school is getting married in November. I just received an invite for the bridal shower.

What is proper etiquette for gift giving?
I know that for the wedding I should get her something preferably from the registry, but what about the bridal shower?

What's the last wedding you went to?
What'd you wear?

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I'm trying to update my iphone 5 to the new iOS 7. I updated my iTunes in order to do this, and restarted my computer a few times, but itunes is still telling me I need to to download the latest version of itunes in order to update my software. I've already done that.

any tips on how to fix this?

Thank you letter

If I'm suppose to be hearing about a potential job on friday and had the interview today would sending a "thank you" letter to the interviewer  tomorrow be a good idea?
or would it come across as being desperate?

I also took your guys advice about checking about the status of the application and I'm sure that's how I got the interview to begin with! so thank you very much! :D 


If any of you cosplay can you tell me where the hell you get these amazing quality costumes from?? Do you have them made, make them yourself, or just find really good stuff online? How long does it usually take? Ugh, I have so many questions. I really want to be Moxxi (version 2) or Tiny Tina from Borderlands for Halloween, but I'm not trying to look like my outfit came from Party City. HELP!

To people who don't cosplay or care:

Where do you work and what do you do there?

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Been seeing a guy for about two months and it always seems he is only available one day during the week, like friday. He never wants to commit to plans for the weekend. And he only asks me over to his place, we stay there, have dinner, etc, but we never go to the movies, clubs etc.


he's kinda cute, treats me well, intelligent, doctor, etc  =( 

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Is the name "Redskins" for the Washington DC football team offensive?


If you answered "yes" to the above, are you of Native American descent?

Not sure

If you answered "no" to Q 1, are you of Native American descent?

Not sure