September 17th, 2013

Mental Health

Which of the following mental disorders/conditions have you been professionally diagnosed with?

Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Eating Disorders
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Alcoholism/substance abuse
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
I have never been diagnosed with any of these professionally


TQC, I have a big bag of quinoa. What are some of your favorite recipes using quinoa?

I'm making veggie stuffed peppers tonight. Should I use quinoa or brown rice in the filling (the rest of the filling will be tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, carrots, onion, broccoli, and cheese)?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Would you rather...?

For one whole week, would you rather...?

Eat nothing but marshmallows
Drink nothing but 120 proof alcohol (really, nothing else, not even water)

Would you rather...?

Have all your friends and family think you're stupid (they'll talk down to you, talk slower, use smaller words, correct you all the time)
Have all strangers think that you're a prostitute. Except the police. They won't think that

Would you rather...?

Gain 30lbs
Have all the hair removed from your body with a razor (eyebrows included)

Would you rather...?

Get YOLO and SWAG tattooed over your knuckles
Lose a pinky (have it removed)

Would you rather...?

Spend 4 months in prison
Spend a year living on the streets, homeless, having to panhandle and forage through garbage cans to get money

Would you rather...?

Give up your favorite food for one year
Give up sex for one year (including masturbation)

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what MMO's have you or currently played?

which do you like best?

I know it's lame as shit, but I play Gaia's MMO currently and I got my husband into it.
I never thought I would enjoy them, but I am pretty obsessed with it as of late.
  • charuby

I don't get it...

Someone's mum put a status update. It said something like "Can't believe I was in labour 25 years ago with Laura* where have the years gone. Happy birthday Laura love mum x x"

I was added to a group conversation. Some women have got it in for Laura and her mother. One woman said it was so odd and distasteful and that the "family are a bunch of fucking weirdos".

I just don't get what was so odd or distasteful about that. There's nothing distasteful about remembering the time when you were in labour/gave birth to your first born... is there? Am I missing something here? Or are these catty woman scraping the bottom of the barrel and just finding anything to pick at?

* Laura isn't her real name.
Bandit Driving

Intruder Alert

My house was broken into the other day. Luckily, the intruder only made it as far as the enclosed porch. They didn't get much, just a bunch of junk we planned on throwing out anyway. My porch was trashed though, but no real damage.

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  • kumiho9

What would you do?

What would you do, how would you do it?

BF and I have been living together for 5 years. We get along well and do love each other, but the romantic love just isn't there anymore and it hasn't been for a couple years. We're good friends who respect each other but that's it. After a serious talk recently, we both admitted that marriage just doesn't seem like it's in our future. If we were to get married, we wouldn't be excited about it.

It's not an easy decision because we're comfortable where we are, but we both agreed that it's probably best if we moved out and got our own places. So that's where question comes in - BF does not have consistent income (commission only sales job) and has been struggling, but working so hard, the last couple years. I've been covering rent. I don't think he'd be able to pay a full rent on his own (where we live has a HIGH cost of living), and he has a lot of furniture so renting a room from a friend is probably not an option. Do I extend our current flexible lease a few months until he can support himself? Do I get a smaller cheaper place, but allow him to come with me until he can support himself? What would you do, oh helpful and wise Question Club? :)


An excuse to use the china...

I have a friend coming to dinner on Thursday and I'm making Slow Cooker Bacon-Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken (I've been dying to try this recipe). She's bringing a salad.


1. What kind of wine would go well with this? Consider me wine illiterate. I would assume a white, but what kind of white? I have some brands I like (Hogue, Chateau Ste. Michelle) which are affordable and generally decent quality (we're not connoisseurs or anything) but I'm not sure what kind to buy :S

2.  Dessert recommendations? I'd like to make something light and not overly sweet, maybe chocolatey or with a coffee feel, but I'm open to suggestions :) It has to be easy. I have a two month old and a six year old and the benefits of my dinner is that I can prep it tomorrow night and put it in the cooker the next morning. If it helps, the weather has been in the sixties, and a bit rainy.

DK/DC: Where does one promote a comm on LJ or find comms being promoted? 

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What are the cheapest meals/recipes you know of?

I have been making a lot of hot dogs/rice and vegetables/kraft dinner meals lately but I need variety. .

The less it costs and more it serves the better.

DK/DC: what did you eat for your last meal?
Wonder Woman

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Anyone here have any experience with Crossfit? How was it? Would you recommend it?

I've heard both very good and very bad things about it. I'm thinking of trying it myself, but I have zero upper body strength and don't know if that's going to be an issue. (I've never been able to do a single pull-up, much less the 30 that the last WOD called for.)