September 16th, 2013



I'm leaving on a road trip in a few hours.....more like an airplanes trip.
Dubai, Paris (airport only lol) Atlanta and Amsterdam.

What are some road trippy bits of advice you can give a serial passport abuser???

How much can you tolerate sexually?

You've been dating someone new for a few months and the subject of sexual fantasies comes up. You find out that your lover is a bit kinky/perverted/weird. Your SO wants you to share in his/her sexual fetish, at least one time. Which of these fetishes/fantasies would you experiment with, at least once, for your lover's sake?

Infantilism. He/she dresses up like a baby and you take feed, change diapers and maybe discipline lightly
Foot worship
Transsexualism. Your lover has a curiosity about the sex opposite what you are, and wants you dress up convincingly as that gender. Involves dialogue
Heavy bondage and discipline (handcuffs, ball gags - the works!)
Furry roleplaying (he/she knows a guy who can loan you some suits)
Rape fantasies. Either wants to be raped, or wants to rape you (you'll have to act like a victim)
Heavy sadism/masochism (riding crops, nipple clamps, buttplugs,etc.), with humiliation
Watersports (urinating on each other)
Necrophilia (you soak in a cold bath for a bit to lower your body temperature, and then lie there very still)
Pedophilia roleplaying. He/she wants you to dress up and act like a 10 year old and then he/she seduces you

Some of this stuff may be way out of your comfort zone. Knowing that your SO is into this stuff and maybe you're not, sexual incompatability may suddenly be a concern. Or maybe you'll suddenly think that your lover is a creep. Which of those fetishes/fantasies would be dealbreakers and would lead to your breakup?

Foot worship
Transsexualism (if he/she isn't fully attracted to me, what's the point?)
Heavy bondage and discipline
Furry roleplaying
Rape fantasies
Heavy S/M
Pedophilia roleplaying
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My grocery store had 6oz containers of rasberries on sale for $1 each (waayyyy cheap for here anyway) so I bought a bunch.  I want to freeze some but I don't have any experience freezing fruit.  How should I do it?

I also have some bananas that are becoming overripe and I had heard of freezing those for smoothies but have never done it. Do I peel them first? Other tips?

I feel pretty dumb for not knowing this stuff by now.

DK/DC: My birthday is on Thursday. What should I treat myself to? Thinking $30 or less.

My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

Eating Question~

What do you do when you are craving something to eat and you can't figure out what it is? I've been hanging around my kitchen all day eating random stuff and nothing is hitting the spot. Any suggestions? I have absolutely NO idea what it is I'm craving.

Also: Do you eat out of boredom? I've been bored out of my skull all day :/

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Hello TQC.

For those of you who have been pregnant more than once:

How were your earliest symptoms different for each pregnancy? What, if anything, made you suspicious during the two week wait each time?

Thanks :)
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What are your favorite board games?

I'm obsessed with Risk and am looking to branch out.

Edit - thanks for all the great game ideas, everyone! I will be bookmarking this page and looking into your suggestions!

Sugar crush!

If you play Candy Crush, what level are you on? What levels, if any, have you ever been stuck on for days/weeks? Do you consider yourself an addict or can you quit at anytime? ;-)

What book releases are you looking forward to?