September 15th, 2013

Vomits Into Keyboard
  • oxalic

Homestay gift ideas

Say you're living in South Africa and will soon be hosted by a family in Turkey. What gifts might you bring this Turkish family from South Africa? What are the ideal homestay gift ideas? So far I'm thinking about buying them nicely-packaged chocolate.

(Additionally, I am looking for more LiveJournal friends to make this site more interesting for me, so feel free to add me.)

(no subject)

What are your favorite flavor combinations of Jello shots?

At an outdoor graduation party for mostly adults, what would you except to find there?

What would a reasonable budget be for a graduation party for about 50 people?

apple pie

I wanted to make apple pie and add some cheddar onto the crust. All the recipes I've sifted through involve adding grated cheddar into the crust, but I've already made my crust so it's too late to do that.

I just want to add some grated cheddar on the top of the crust, do I do that before baking or at the end? At the end seems like the obvious answer, since I assume the cheese would get burnt if I added it before, but I've never done this so IDK. Help me TQC.
  • lrio

Fashion Question

I have an adorable pair of black stilettos with a little peep toe, and want to pair it with a cute black pencil skirt and and a crisp white blouse for practicum. My question is: How terrible is it to wear slightly open toed shoes with sheer black tights? Is that a faux pas? Is it better to go with no tights at all (even though the weather here is chilly enough to wear a coat)? Or should I just buy closed toed black shoes? Halp.

(no subject)

Do you have any bad driving habits that you're aware of?

I seem to have fallen into the habit of resting my left hand on my leg as I lightly hold the bottom of the wheel at the 7/8 o'clock position (I drive a right hand drive manual). I'm really concious of it lately and have been trying to hold the wheel at 10 and 2 but it feels so awkward now I'm out of the habit! And I've only been driving a year (plus I only drive a couple of times a week max.)!